The dawn of a new era had come, a world of animals that had no laws and all were independent. The world was a place of freedom and peace until the Lion Clan felt like the world needed order and discipline. The rest of the animals disagreed of course but the lions kept their word that they would all fall into their grasp and Lions would rule the land of which they stood. The lions began protesting, and as their population grew, the more threatening they became. “Our clan is now your enemy!” declared the leader of the Lion Clan, Rokum. “The earth will soon be ours and you shall be the lower level. A new world shall rise from the ashes and have order and law. Be prepared to surrender to the superior clan!” All of the lions roared with power and pride. The rest of the animals could sense the fearsome might that these beasts had. An elephant known as Trogus, stood at the front of the group and called, “Your plots of ruling this great land shall be crushed under the might of these brave animal warriors!” “Your words are nothing compared to our strength young elephant!” shouted Rokum. “The time of lions is coming near and what do you plan to do about it?!” Trogus looked around himself at first and then called with such might and force that it rumbled the earth, waking the ants and termites beneath their feet. “We shall fight!”

“But Trogus,” said a cheetah named Kumu.”We don’t know how to fight, let alone argue, the earth has been in peace and harmony for the past four hundred years, we’ve never fought before. But apparently you’ve had some experience with these lions.” Trogus had a part of one of his tusks missing, a scar of the treacherous Lion Clan. “If you can’t fight than you need to be taught how to fight.” said Trogus. The next day the animals were trained how to fight with Trogus as their teacher. The next morning the animals came face to face in a meadow of wheat and berries. The animals were prepared for their battle. Rokum had silver armor clasped against his body and Trogus had golden armor that glinted so bright in the hot sun that some of the lions had to slit their eyes to see clearly.