Rawl, a world of wonder and mystery, although it is a place of death and darkness. Blood has been rained down on the helmets of the warriors of this land, their eyes have seen the things of destruction and chaos. The history started with trolls. They are interesting and curious creatures of Rawl, but at the same time they were cruel and had a strong bloodlust, especially the first race of trolls, the Mar. They were a neutral race of trolls, but they were born specifically for killing. They’re teeth were razor sharp, they had very fast reflexes, their long, pointy ears gave them perfect hearing, and their eyesight was as sharp as a hawk’s. Then the Barrock tribe came along. They were stupid but strong trolls of Rawl. They are much taller than most trolls, but their complexion was something that would make a mirror crack. They had gaping mouths that showed their sharp, moldy teeth, and short, pointy ears that were full of mustard yellow earwax. Unlike the Mar, Barrocks were almost completely blind, relying on their noses to lead them to victory. The Mar first fought along with the Barrocks, but then they turned on the Mar, stealing a large portion of their land and a huge amount of food.

The two races were sworn enemies from that point on. The Mar were forced to move to the Mountains of Drod where it was cold and harsh. As the Mar developed, they started to dig underground where it was slightly warmer than in the mountains. Some of the Mar had begun to become very civilized and were trying to make the hard work easier with small inventions. The Mar began to become even more developed and some of the trolls even split from their tribe and started the race of Grindol. This race was very civilized and began the art of mining. They dug deep holes in the mountains and found silver, gold, and blood red rubies. Conflicts began to erupt between the two races and the Mar were becoming jealous of their inventions and developments. In the middle of the night a small raid of Mar snuck into the mines of the Grindol and stole a huge amount of iron and steel. The Mar then invented armor and metal weapons like spears and swords. Their swords were bent in an awkward way and their spears were rigid and wobbly, but it wasn’t something that the Grindols had.

In the morning, the Mar developed an army of trolls, along with a few enslaved Barrocks. The Mar fought on foot in large formations of snarling trolls. Their leader, Dholik, led the charge into the Grindol camp. The Grindols tried using sharpened sticks and big stones, but they were no match for the powerful Mar. The Mar conquered the camp and mines of the Grindol and the civilized race was forced to move to the biggest mountain in Drod, Mount Mol’drans.

It was rumored to be the home of a powerful beast called a drockle. It had three powerful heads that breathed scorching, white fire. The back of it was protected by a gigantic shell that couldn’t even be chipped by the strongest of Barrocks. It’s claws were as big as swords and could slice through the hardest of steel. It was truly a creature of destruction. The Grindols had no weapons to protect them and they lived in fear in the depths of the mountain. The Grindol chief, Rovas, said that the Grindols could not hide in the shadows of this beast no longer, instead they would fight the beast, live in the mountain without fear.

The Grindols carved sticks to the sharpest point and grabbed the biggest of rocks. They marched to the top of the mountain where the beast was said to have lived. Then they heard the Drockle snoring, a bit of a relief, but at the same time they were quite scared that its snoring might make an avalanche. The trolls surrounded the beast, its body sprawled across the snow. Rorthin stepped forward to the center head and so did three other warriors. Rorthin nodded, and the three trolls struck down on the beast’s neck with their stakes. Their weapons were shattered, the Drockle’s necks hadn’t even gotten a single scratch, ¬†and the creature’s yellow eyes opened. Its three heads towered over the trolls and fear struck into the warriors’ eyes. The first head struck down onto one of the warriors and flung him about violently, flinging him off the mountain. The two other opened their mouths and a blaze of fire erupted from their throats. It narrowly missed Rovas, but it left a colossal crater in the rock he was standing on.

The rest of the troll warriors ran to the beast, stabbing and swinging their stakes at it. It swung it’s gigantic green tail down onto a row of trolls, flattening them into the snow. Rovas knew his kind was doomed, but then, a flurry of arrows headed straight towards the beast’s heads. Most of the arrows bounced off the beast, but some struck it right into it’s eyes. It howled in pain and a raid of the Mar came with curved swords, hammers, clubs, bows, spears, and maces. Red war paint was smeared over the faces of the Mar raid. Their armor glistened in the sunlight and powerful fury was struck into their green eyes. Three heads tumbled off the drockle’s bodies, landing with a sound like thunder. The rest of the drockle’s body was covered with scratches, arrows, and blood spewed from it’s necks. The beast, was dead.

The Mar had heard the screams of the Grindols and came to help. Dangerous but noble creatures they were. Rorthin and Dholik created an alliance together and were the strongest force in Rawl. Their alliance lasted for fifty years. They dwelled in the mountain, living in peace and harmony. Alas, the Mar tribe grew too big in number and decided to travel elsewhere in the mountains to spread their population. The Mar were extremely generous and gave the entire mountain to the Grindols. Unfortunately, their generosity would be the cause of their downfall. The Barrocks had been spying on the two races and now was their chance for the weak Grindols, without the Mar, are nothing. Even though the Grindols had invented shields and upgraded the Mar weapons, they weren’t as good as fighting then the Mar.

The Barrocks ambushed the Grindols from above their camp, killing off the Grindols one by one. Rovas came out of his giant tent and blew the Droden Horn. A deep sound echoed throughout the entire land. The Mar heard the call and quickly began running back to the mountain. A wave of arrows came over the mountain and hit the large number of the Barrocks square in the chest. The Mar drew their shimmering swords and began their attack. Barrock bodies fell dead on the ground, mouths agape with no life in their black eyes. Countless numbers of Grindols, Barrocks, and Mar lay dead on the icy terrain.

Only a few hundred of the Grindols escaped with their lives. Rovas’s body lay with a black sword in his chest, still holding the Droden Horn in his hand. Dholik bent down on his knees and closed the great chief’s eyes in grief. The Mar decided to stay and dwell in the mountain. The Barrocks were driven to the bottom of the mountain. Their devious plan was to destroy the entire mountain and then the Mar and Grindol shall grovel at their feet. They grabbed shovels, pick axes, and hammers and began chipping of the the sides of the mountain, little by little.

It took them hundreds of years to destroy the mountain, but their stupidity got the best of them. Even though half of their plan worked, their race was wiped out along with the Mar in the gigantic avalanche. There were no survivors of either race. The Grindols are now an endangered race that has little hope of survival. Mankind now hunt trolls and kill them for sport. Their entire species may be wiped out in a few hundred years, and the age of trolls, shall be over.