Humans were said to be very evolved dwarfs that were smarter and were corrupted by greed and hatred more than anything else on Rawl. The first human to feel the fresh earth of Rawl was a man named Mortith. Then three powerful rulers were sent down from the heavens to watch over Rawl and protect it. One of them was a man named Bormithion. He was the future ruler of the capital of Rawl, Haronas, and a future father of his son, Hiladril. Another was a woman named Thayen. She was the future queen of a powerful city called Brandeel and would be a mother of a daughter named Seelabor. Then, the last ruler was a man named Garatoar. Garatoar would be a king of a city called Delthon and a father of his son, Retheniel.

Bormithion, Thayen, and Garatoar, were quite curious about the man named Mortith. He had a sunken face and black, grim eyes. He was a man who experimented with darkness, just like the dwarf warlock, Boargrunt. The first humans spread throughout Rawl. Bormithion went into the south and found a large open plain by two forests that spread as far as the eye could see. In that plain he built the city, Haronas. Its powerful walls couldn’t even be broken by the strongest of drockles. Bormithion decided to name the left forest, Immanivan and the right one Grandulthan. Then he spotted another forest that looked like a small black dot. He then found a peculiar creature roaming the plains and he decided to call it a horse.

The brown creature walked over to the king and allowed him to ride on his back. Bormithion then discovered that this creature could run very fast. He aimed the horse towards the mysterious forest and rode towards on the back of his new friend.

Meanwhile, in the west, Thayen began constructing her own kingdom, Brandeel. She saw a very large puddle of water going south from her mighty kingdom, and she was getting quite sweaty from all the manual labor. As she took a drink from it her tongue curled back and her face turned sour. Thayen quickly spit out this clear liquid and stamped it hard on the ground. She thought, “What are these disgusting tastes? This gigantic puddle must be poisoned! I must make a name for it so people do not go trying to taste it!”

Thayen thought the Brandeelian Sea would fit it perfectly. Garatoar was beginning to build his kingdom as well, south of Brandeel. He had found a large hill that he thought would do nicely for a kingdom, so he planned to perch his castle on top of the hill where all of Rawl could see its glory. A gigantic plain spread out beyond the kingdom. Not one single life form was roaming the grassy plain. Out of no where, Garatoar spotted a gigantic, red dog prancing in the fresh, dewy grass. Then the dog spotted Garatoar. It bounded towards him, looking like a gigantic red rabbit. In just a few seconds, the dog was face to face with the powerful king. The dog’s breath smelled of raw meat and blood, his eyes were as blue as the sky above them, and his complexion was quite handsome and mighty.

Thox would be the dog’s name. Garatoar found a strange connection to this beautiful creature. He rode the humongous dog through the plains, the wind whipping through his hair, and the mist of the White Ocean damped his clothes. This is where the kingdom of Delthon belonged.

Bormithion could see the black trees that the forest held. A dark and powerful magic seemed to draw him closer to the daunting forest. He began hearing whispers that made him weak and fragile. His eyes turned completely white, and his face was pale, such evil had never been endured. Bormithion walked clumsily through a gap in the trees. Spirits began swarming around him, making him quiver in fear. “WHAT IS THIS TERRIBLE PLACE?!” he shouted. His voice echoed out through the entire forest. Then Bormithion began hearing another voice, a deep, scraggly voice that shocked him out of his possession. The voice said, “Come now, Bormithion, king of Haronas. Let the dark take you, let the dark guide you!” Bormithion began walking forward to where the voice was coming from. “Your light cannot overcome darkness, it’s too weak, you are weak, and Rawl is weak. I will have Rawl be reborn from the ashes of light, and give it more power. Darkness is the only answer to Rawl’s weakness!”

Bormithion finally came into an opening where there weren’t any trees, and the first man was standing in the middle, Mortith. His long black hair was ruffled up, his face was pale and sunken, and his expression was blazing with power. Dark ooze was leaking from the cracks in the ground, and a dark, skeletal hand broke out from the ground and it was followed by the rest of it’s body. Black skeletons with flaming, green eyes were soon surrounding Bormithion. Bormithion’s eyes couldn’t handle the fear that stood in front of him. Mortith laughed at the grief he was causing as more black skeletons rose from the earth.

Bormithion ran to the exit of the forest, but the trees were beginning to close the doorway. He ran as fast as he could and just barely squeezed through the exit. The black skeletons melted when they came out into the open sun. Bormithion mounted his horse and rode off to the two other kingdoms to warn them of this evil. He told Garatoar and Thayen that Mortith was not like them, he was someone who craved destruction and chaos.

More men and women began appearing onto the land of Rawl. Some joined the kingdom of Haronas, some joined the kingdom of Brandeel, and some joined the kingdom of Delthon. However, some had joined the dark path of Mortith, destined for depression and sadness. The black skeletons were decided to be called Shadows. The Shadows spread throughout Rawl rapidly. Apparently their first big strike were the Mountains of Grick. Dwarf refugees began exiting Hornfrost’s Gate and heading to the castle of the ancient kingdom of Helsee, and used it as a base. Shadows tormented people throughout the land, sometimes kidnapping them, even killing people. Bormithion called the two other rulers to Haronas to discuss matters of this evil.

“The time has come to end this madness!” said Bormithion, “Mortith is growing stronger and stronger and we cannot let this happen. As he grows in strengh, we grow weaker. We shall be the ones to end. Ready your best men and we shall strike to the chest of Mortith!” Garatoar and Thayen cheered as if they had already defeated Mortith.

Haronas, Brandeel, and Delthon joined together would almost be an indestructible force of power. The three rulers had declared war against Mortith and the time of war was perfect. The mighty armies of the three kingdoms marched south of Helsee where the Shadows and the men who joined Mortith, which were called Tenibrismen, were waiting for them. Dark clouds levitated above their heads, giving the Shadows an enormous shield to the light of the sun. Mortith stepped out from the enormous crowd in pitch black armor and a helmet with sword-sharp spikes. “Your army shall fall to the power of darkness.” said Mortith, “I can see the terror in your eyes. You all fear death and pain. You are weak.”

“We are not weak, Mortith.” said Bormithion, “We are the three rulers of Rawl!” Bormithion and the two other rulers charged toward the dark army. The rest of their army followed along, shouting in power. The two armies clashed together and soon, the entire field was splattered in blood. The battle lasted for a day when the sky was like a dark veil, swooping over the dead of the three kingdoms and the Tenibrismen. Only the Shadows and Mortith were still standing, and only Bormithion, Thayen, Garatoar, and a handful of soldiers held their ground. They couldn’t defeat the Shadows, their only weakness was light, and the entire field was immersed in dark. “Oh please mighty Farothyn,” said Bormithion, “Please, let their be light.” And then, a moment of happiness struck Bormithion. The dark clouds parted, and bright, dazzling stars shined down on the Shadows, melting them away, and now only Mortith stood, his dark sword stained with blood.

Mortith, for a split second, looked fearful, as if he would actually die to the hands of a king of Rawl. Then Mortith and Bormithion charged at one another, and the sound of a breaking sword echoed through the field. Mortiths sword lay on the earth like a broken mirror. Farothyn, the guardian of the forest, hadn’t just destroyed the Shadows, but he also blessed the mighty blade that the king of Haronas wielded. Mortith fell to the ground with a gigantic thud. “You might have broken my blade,!” said Mortith, “But you cannot break me!”

“The thunder of Farothyn has blessed my blade, which shall be the blade that pierces your chest!” yelled Bormithion, and with that he flung down his sword and the end of the striking blade had vanished into the body of Mortith. His body disintegrated into dark ooze, turning the grass black. It spread like a plague, sending a dark, sad feeling through the survivors of the battle.

Bormithion met a woman named Plena. Together they became mother and father of a boy named Hiladril. Thayen crossed upon a man named Griflin, and with their loved, created a baby girl named Seelabor. Garatoar had had a crush on a beautiful woman named Magnil. Garatoar confessed his love to Magnil and they made and educated a little boy named Retheniel. Rawl was finally at peace with the Tenibrismen staying in the kingdom they built in the middle of the black grass that Mortith had released his spirit on. The black grass was now called The Black Plain and whoever steps on it will feel the power of Mortith, resulting in an extremely painful death.

Humans had made the near downfall of Rawl, giving every organism on the land a strike of fear, but as humans learn, it is a larger chance of survival and harmony.