Dwarfs were the second race to come about to the land of Rawl. They were the first race to have magic. Their race quickly spread throughout the Mountains of Drod where the trolls used to live. Dwarfs were sporty and short tempered things that expanded quickly. The first of the dwarf clans was called Silverbroad. They were hardy dwarfs that were skilled in swordsmanship and had a large appetite. Their leader was named Roratak. He was a brave dwarf who led his people well in these hard times of survival. Their mines connected every which way in the mountains like a maze. Their tunnels flowed with gold and precious stones, introducing them to greed. A small group of dwarfs split apart from the Silverbroad clan.

These dwarfs were recognized as outcasts and magic users. Their leader was a dwarf named Hornfrost. He had a beard that was rumored to be shredded silver from the brightness of it. He also had a large nose, a small mouth, bright blue eyes, and a long blue purple robe that trailed behind him. Hornfrost used magic that made icicles float in midair and he could freeze objects and put out fires. However, his brother, Boargrunt, liked experimenting with dark, evil magic that made demons begin to dwell in the mountains, terrorizing the dwarfs of Silverbroad. He had a large nose, like his brother, his pitch black hair hung below his shoulders. His eyes were black, and his face was hollow. Hornfrost had to force his brother out of the mountains, sending him south where the land was green. No one had ever gone to the south before. Boargrunt traveled far and wide till he reached a border line of the mountains and the long and wide plains. He stepped onto the fresh, dewy grass. His feet were tickled and found out that he had this entire place to himself. He would call this open field Helsee.

He used his magic to carve stones into square blocks and levitated them into place. Eventually he had an entire castle to himself. Hornfrost formed an extremely long wall of ice to keep dark spirits out of the mountains. He then stood guard at the enormous gate, prepared for any attack on this great city. The black castle that Boargrunt created was so huge, Hornfrost could see it all the way from the gate. He was very curious about what his brother was up to. He got some guards to watch the gate while he was away. The castle towered over the four and half foot Hornfrost. Boargrunt stepped out from the gigantic gate with a black crown on. “Brother!” said Boargrunt. “It’s great to see you. Have you come to live in this wondrous land with me? If we join forces, we could be the most powerful wizards in the world!”

“But Boargrunt.” said Hornfrost. “Darkness and greed have corrupted your mind and have turned you into a superior villain. I’m sorry brother, but I do not want that kind of power!” Boargrunt’s turned from pleased to disappointed. “Come now.” said Boargrunt. “You still have a chance to rule with ultimate power. Let Roratak rot in the depths of Drod, we shall be the superior dwarfs!”

“No Boargrunt!” shouted Hornfrost. “Your destiny is to only fall into the hands of a darkness that is beyond your comprehension! The destiny of dwarfs is to only be among a race of destruction and chaos! Don’t throw yourself into the grasp of this race!” Boargrunt’s lit up in rage. “I’m truly sorry brother.” said Boargrunt and he sent a bolt of dark lightning at him. Hornfrost quickly sent a bolt of blue light and made the dark spell repel towards Boargrunt, hurling him into the wall of the castle. Boargrunt was sprawled across the grassy meadows, knocked out, and a trickle of blood oozed from his forehead. Hornfrost carried Boargrunt all the way back to Grick.

Boargrunt woke up in chains. Gray stone walls surrounded him with silver bars in front of him. Two dwarfs stood guard in front of the cell, armed with powerful mallets. His cell gate opened up and a dwarf came in carrying a stale loaf of bread and some water that was really just melted snow. The dwarf unlocked his chains so he could actually eat, but that was the dwarf’s big mistake. Boargrunt raised his hands and the dwarf was now under his control. He made the dwarf pull out his giant mallet and fight the two other guards outside. In a few minutes, the two guards lay dead, beaten to death. Boargrunt than threw the possessed guard onto the stone wall, breaking his neck.

Boargrunt’s brown cloak trailed behind him as he ran past each cell, prisoners begging to Boargrunt to help them escape. One of them was able to grab his cloak and Boargrunt threw him against the cellar bars. He escaped outside the prison doors into the blizzard. Roratak spotted Boargrunt and drew his giant mace. He ran at him in blazing fury. He brought his mace down on him but Boargrunt forced it out of Roratak’s ┬áhands and into his own hands. He kicked Roratak onto the ground and raised the mace. A giant blaze of blue light knocked the mace out of Boargrunt’s hands. It was Hornfrost, holding his curved staff in his right hand, and Roratak’s mace in his left.

“Stop this now!” shouted Hornfrost. “Your reign of terror shall be your downfall!”

“You cannot comprehend the power of darkness!” yelled Boargrunt. “Darkness is the only answer to power! You still have a chance to join me Hornfrost! We can still be the loving brothers we used to be!”

“It’s to late for that now!” shouted Hornfrost. “The hatred you have spread throughout Drod has doomed us all! You will be the cause of the deaths of thousands of lives!” And with that, Hornfrost sent another bolt of blue light at Boargrunt, sending him off the cliff. Hornfrost’s dark brother was defeated. His mind had been corrupted by the power and hatred of the future race that would cause Rawl grief and destruction…mankind.