The World Before

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The dawn of a new era had come, a world of animals that had no laws and all were independent. The world was a place of freedom and peace until the Lion Clan felt like the world needed order and discipline. The rest of the animals disagreed of course but the lions kept their word that they would all fall into their grasp and Lions would rule the land of which they stood. The lions began protesting, and as their population grew, the more threatening they became. “Our clan is now your enemy!” declared the leader of the Lion Clan, Rokum. “The earth will soon be ours and you shall be the lower level. A new world shall rise from the ashes and have order and law. Be prepared to surrender to the superior clan!” All of the lions roared with power and pride. The rest of the animals could sense the fearsome might that these beasts had. An elephant known as Trogus, stood at the front of the group and called, “Your plots of ruling this great land shall be crushed under the might of these brave animal warriors!” “Your words are nothing compared to our strength young elephant!” shouted Rokum. “The time of lions is coming near and what do you plan to do about it?!” Trogus looked around himself at first and then called with such might and force that it rumbled the earth, waking the ants and termites beneath their feet. “We shall fight!”

“But Trogus,” said a cheetah named Kumu.”We don’t know how to fight, let alone argue, the earth has been in peace and harmony for the past four hundred years, we’ve never fought before. But apparently you’ve had some experience with these lions.” Trogus had a part of one of his tusks missing, a scar of the treacherous Lion Clan. “If you can’t fight than you need to be taught how to fight.” said Trogus. The next day the animals were trained how to fight with Trogus as their teacher. The next morning the animals came face to face in a meadow of wheat and berries. The animals were prepared for their battle. Rokum had silver armor clasped against his body and Trogus had golden armor that glinted so bright in the hot sun that some of the lions had to slit their eyes to see clearly.

The Wicked Witch of Bell Manor

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The Wicked Witch of Bell Manor

“C’mon you great lump! Get up!” cried the housemaid of Bell Manor. She began hitting the ceiling with a broomstick. Andrew, the boy who grumbled and groaned as she made this racket, was the one who was in an oak made bed with curtains surrounding it. Andrew parted the blood-red curtains as he woke up. Andrew was about seventeen years old, he had a round face, and a small nose that was engulfed with zits. He also had brown, slicked hair that was in extreme need of a brush, and the only thing that wasn’t…lack luster, about his face was his eyes. His eyes were beautiful green that sparkled like emeralds.

Enough about Andrew, let’s go back to when the housemaid, Ms.Clamford, or as Andrew and his younger sister, Lisa, called her, Mr.Clamford, for she had a voice that would be fit enough for a very beefy man. “If ya’ don’t get down this instant, I’ll feed your breakfast to them dim witted dogs of yours!” screeched Ms.Clamford, “Go ahead then!” yelled Andrew, “I’m not gonna eat that rubbish anyway!” “Why I ‘oughta rip ya’ limb from limb!” shouted Ms.Clamford, “Me’ porridge is as good as any rubbish that you get at them fancy diners that your mum and dad would take you and your babbling sister! You’re all spoiled ya’ hear me! SPOILED!”

“Ahh, would you just shut up you old hag!” retorted Andrew, “HAG?!” yelled Ms.Clamford, “You had better say goodbye to that fat ass of yours if you don’t come down he this instant! Your lucky your parents are in Africa right now because they wouldn’t like coming back home finding their, ‘sweet Andrew!'” (Ms.Clamford spoke in a very mocking and high pitched voice mimicking his mother.) “You had better shut that wide mouth of yours, otherwise I’m not coming down their just to eat your filthy porridge!” Then Lisa came into the argument. “You guys are fighting every morning now, I’m practically putting almost everything in my room around my ears so I don’t have to hear you two bickering and blabbing all the time!” This was one of the first times Lisa had an outburst and really meant it. The entire house fell silent, all you could hear was the ticking of the gigantic grandfather clock that hung in the long hallway downstairs.

Then finally Andrew broke the silence. “Now Lisa, don’t get into this. This is between Mr.Clamford and I.” he said this in a very gentle voice, yet there was a small hint of joke in his voice. Lisa giggled, and Ms.Clamford screeched, “Mr.Clamford? You brats! Wait till your little mummy and daddy come home, for I’m gonna have a serious discussion with them about how you little rats have been actin’!” she said this with a sort of homicidal tone that made Andrew and Lisa quiver.

In the late afternoon, Andrew and Lisa wanted to give Ms.Clamford a taste of her own medicine. They whipped up a plan as quick as that. “You know how she always asks us make her a sandwich?” asked Andrew to Lisa. “What we’ll do is instead of putting her extra spicy mustard on her sandwich, we’ll put yellow paint!” Lisa gave him a devious smile. “That sounds wonderful.” said Lisa. “It’ll really give her the boot!”

They both laughed as they ran to the cellar to fetch the paint. At four o’clock, Ms.Clamford asked for her daily sandwich. Andrew and Lisa had emptied out all of the mustard and had poured the paint into the bottle. “Well hurry up you two, on the double!” screeched Ms.Clamford. Andrew and Lisa put ham, lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion, pepper, and their little surprise, on the sandwich. They went over to Ms.Clamford, sitting on a wooden chair listening to the radio. “Oh give me that!” exclaimed Ms.Clamford as she snatched it away from Lisa’s hands. Ms.Clamford licked her chops and took one bite out of the sandwich. “AAAAHHHHH!!” screamed Ms.Clamford. “What have you done to me? You’ve poisoned me!” she dropped to the floor, gasping for breath (even though she could breath perfectly normal). “You savages, I’ll rip your heads off. Wait till your mummy and daddy hear about this-COUGH!COUGH! I’ll get you back, you’ll see, I’ll be back, but for the time being, I am resigning my duties. Only people who have hit in the head with a mallet would want to watch over you little pests!” Ms.Clamford walked down the hall, still coughing, and stomped out the door without another word.

The Hummingbird Story

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The Hummingbird Story

Way back in the world everything was peaceful. It was always sunny outside, and all the animals were never grumpy or depressed. Instead they were happy and cheerful. The animals barely had to work at all. All there food was brought by the Great Spirit who ruled in all the land. One day Brother Bear was wandering around the forest in search of some food. Unfortunately Great Spirit had passed a law that no creature is allowed to harm another creature. And by this law Brother Bear had a less chance of finding food. Brother Bear came across a river that was full of salmon. Brother Bear thought, “Oh man those salmon sure look good. Maybe I could just take a little bite,” but then Brother Bear stopped himself, he knew he couldn’t harm one of those delicious, tender, sweet looking salmon. So with that, Brother Bear ran away from that river as fast as his gigantic paws could carry him.


The next day, Brother Bear was taking a stroll through the forest trying to take the thought of those salmon out of his mind. Apparently Brother Bear wasn’t to good about remembering where things were. So yet again Brother Bear ended up by the river just over-flowing with salmon. As soon as Brother Bear’s eyes set upon those delicious looking salmon, he was hypnotized by their untamed beauty. Then Brother Bear started to shake his head to get that sight out of his mind. Brother Bear was astonished he was even thinking about harming one of those innocent salmon. Brother Bear high-tailed right out of there back into his cozy den.

Brother Bear was fed up with this salmon madness. It was time to put a stop to it. Brother Bear was going to march right over to that river, and show those salmon who’s boss. The results were not what Brother Bear was hoping for. He yet again hypnotized by those salmon, and was running back to the safety of his den. Brother Bear tried the next day, and the next day, and the next day, but failed over and over again. About three weeks later, Brother Bear was feeling good about himself, and tried yet again to persuade those salmon to knock it off. Unfortunately when Brother Bear reached the river, the growls of his stomach started to get the best of him. This time Brother Bear had gone to deep into the depths of his mind. The salmon all looked like they were chanting, “Eat me, eat me, eat me!” Brother Bear started to look around, making sure no one was here. Then with a quick slash with his paw he had a mouth-watering salmon in his paw. Brother Bear looked around again just to make sure, and took a big bite out of the salmon. A blast of flavor hit Brother Bear’s taste buds, it was the most delicious thing he had ever put in his mouth. But then, the world went black. Brother Bear looked up at the sky and knew he had done something terribly wrong.

Brother Bear scampered into his den, trying to hide from the Great Spirit while all the other animals were thinking, “What is going on?” The animals then realized the Great Spirit had put a giant, black blanket around the earth. All the animals gathered around a tree where Eagle was perched. Eagle thought he was  one of the most important animals of them all and he thought that he had a very strong relationship between the Great Spirit. “Settle down, settle down,” called Eagle,”I shall break through that black blanket that the Great Spirit has put over the earth and will persuade him to lift the blanket.” Eagle soon started to flap his great big wings and he started to go higher and higher, and when Eagle was about to break through the blanket, he realized how tired he was and started to glide slowly down to the animals. Upon another tree there was Hawk, watching from above. Hawk thought he was something along the lines of, second in command. Hawk thought to himself, “Now that Eagle has failed, this is my chance to show who the best is.” Unfortunately, Hawk did the exact same thing as Eagle did. He flew higher, and higher, and higher, but just when Hawk was about poke his beak into the blanket, he was completely pooped, and glided back to his perch.

Raven, cardinal, robin, and condor tried, and tried, and tried, but resulted in failing. And then a tiny voice came from the large group of animals. All the animals looked around but couldn’t see who the voice was coming from. Then the animals looked down and saw a teeny tiny hummingbird. “Excuse me, excuse me. I could do it,” said Hummingbird. The animals just stared Hummingbird for a while, then the animals started to laugh! They laughed so hard that there were tears in their eyes! Those animals thought someone so small could never reach that blanket. Hummingbird was furious, he thought, “I’ll show em’, yeah I’ll show em’ all!” With that Hummingbird raised his wings, and started to flap his wings as hard as he could, and started to rise. Hummingbird was now zooming through the air, and all of a sudden he stopped. Hummingbird was just hanging in the air without flapping his wings. This caught the animals’ attention, they realized that Hummingbird’s beak had gotten stuck in the blanket. Hummingbird pulled free with a yank and a beam of sunlight came through the tiny hole Hummingbird had made. Hummingbird came back down to the ground and the animals cheered, but Hummingbird wasn’t finished yet. Hummingbird started to flap his wings as hard as he could, and started to rise yet again into the air.

Hummingbird did it again, and again, and again, but he just kept making tiny holes with beams of sunlight coming from them. All the animals were chanting, “Hummingbird, Hummingbird, Hummingbird!” Sadly Hummingbird was exhausted and thirsty, but he pressed on. Hummingbird raised his 3 inch long wings in the air and started to flap as hard as he could. If you were far away you would probably mistake Hummingbird as a distant jet. Hummingbird was going as fast as a rocket, he was almost there and… RRRRIIP! Hummingbird had made a gigantic hole in the blanket. The animals waited for Hummingbird to come back down, but he didn’t come. The animals waited and waited until finally Hummingbird came soaring back to the ground. One of the animals asked Hummingbird, “Well?” Hummingbird was waiting for that question, so he answered with; “The Great Spirit shall lift the blanket!” exclaimed Hummingbird with triumphant power in his squeaky little voice. The animals cheered with such enthusiasm that the ground shook. But the celebrating was interrupted by another one of Hummingbird’s messages, “However, the Great Spirit will keep the blanket off for only half of each day, the rest of the day we’ll be engulfed in that blanket yet again. The Great Spirit is doing this because when the blanket is covering us, we’ll all remember what Brother Bear did, and for when the blanket has been taken off, we’ll all remember the heroic deed I did for you. Those were the true words of the Great Spirit, he is doing what is right and I respect that. Now ask yourself, where would we be, without the Great Spirit.”

Did you notice that the tiny little holes that Hummingbird was making were the stars, and the blanket was the night sky. And did you notice that the huge hole that Hummingbird made was the moon. Now I believe there is a lesson is this story. And I believe the lesson is, don’t underestimate the skills and talent from anybody. Everybody has there own strengths and weaknesses, but that’s what makes us, us.