Drockle: Dangerous, cold blooded creatures that can crush an ox with one foot. Some drockles are born with the special gift of hypnosis. Its gigantic turtle shell is as strong as steel, even the strongest Barrock in all of Rawl couldn’t put the tiniest crack in it. It has three heads that each breath scorching, white fire and will literally eat any animal it can get its poisonous claws on. It is extremely dangerous and is as big as a house. STAY AWAY!!

Luna hound: Curious, but vicious creatures that roam the night under the moon. They are about as big as a troll and are commonly found in the two forests of Immanivan and Grandulthan. They eat meat and are commonly known to get late night snacks of sheep and pigs from farmers, but a unique food that they eat which would be poisonous to any human, dwarf, or troll are star berries. To a luna hound’s taste buds, they taste like honey that is slightly sprinkled over a chocolate covered strawberry. To a human’s, dwarf’s, or troll’s taste buds, they would taste like Mortith’s…leavings.

Pocolyx, shrown, skyper, chrowmp, dolorbron, krolk, krognindorf, bloutch, shrelm, prouncher, blokonotch, and shnelp: Small, disgusting pests that eat crops, destroy furniture, eat your food, and make you itchy. They can get into your beds and tear it away bit by bit. Some even just plain scare people so they can have the entire house to themselves.