Where men and women are born, where there are creatures no ordinary human could see, where wizards cast spells and brew potions and draughts, where things that are unseen, are seen, is Rawl. Rawl, the almighty world of power, and bloodthirsty war. And with power, comes greed, and with war, comes death. The War of Flesh and Bone was when everyone thought all the wickedness from Rawl had vanished, but no, it never vanished. Mortith, the Lord of Shadows, was more commonly known as Death himself. Mortith had raised the Shadows, the creatures who were thought to have come ¬†from the darkest part of Rawl. The only thing Shadows were afraid of was light. King Bormithion, the Hero of Heroes, was thought to have been the slayer of Mortith and his wretched army. King Bormithion is also the deceased grandfather of King Hiladril, who is ruler of the east. King Hiladril and King Bormithion got along famously, but King Hiladril has been deeply depressed after King Bormithion was assassinated, and after his wife, Queen Venul, died of disease. But King Hiladril’s spirits are always being lifted from his two sons, Prince Thrawl and Prince Giladril. In the west was a kingdom called Brandeel, ruled by Queen Seelabore. She mostly has nothing on her mind except defending her kingdom from Mortith’s dreaded reign. In the south is the city of Delthon. The city is populated by many, and is home to many of the strange creatures that roam Rawl. The ruler of Delthon is no other than the powerful but generous King Retheniel. His daughter, Princess Porphin, is just like her father, powerful but generous. In the north is the Plain of Snow and Ice. Sorcerers are rare in Rawl. But back before the War of Flesh and Bone there were vast populations of sorcerers, wizards, mages, and warlocks. Female casters are extremely rare and are known for their hypnotizing beauty. Sorcerer Hornfrost is the guardian of the Plain of Ice and Snow, and he is not the one to argue with. Sorcerer Hornfrost is impossible to beat when it comes to arguments, and sometimes chess. But Shadows, oh no, their home is a dark path to which lead them to a tunnel of wishing and misery. Many believe that Mortith’s reign is over, yet many believe Mortith has risen from his tomb of despair.