In the days of Dawning, there was only good in the world. In every way, humanity had expanded to new feats and triumphs. Tomorrow would be another day of purity and peace. And the day after would be just as grand. No war or industrial havoc would be ensued upon the world. Our society grew ever more advanced- not in technology- but in developing new ways to live in harmony with nature. All of humanity changed from being destroyers of reality, to creators of new doorways to a better civilization, a better future. Humans walked among the earth, the grass grew from the soil, and the stars stayed luminous in the cosmos. That was how it was and how it should have stayed, but our perfect world began to rust, and the days of tyranny came into existence, and our dhad come back to haunt us. Our world was thrown into a corrupted society, driven by only greed, wealth, and power. We tore up our beautiful world to shreds to build machines for our own destruction and to vanquish the remaining light of our golden age.
A group known as the Sentinels took complete power over us and our way of life. They thought they had harnessed the true meaning of power through dominance and strength, but all it brought for them was hate and pain from others. Rebellions and protests took place but were quickly rejected as the sounds of gunfire echoed in the streets and the smell of smoke blazed in the sky. As the Sentinels swept the land with blood, we grew farther and farther from our days of prosperance. Soon, our numbers were too small to carry on. We lost the battle for our survival, and all was lost to the shadows that still roam the earth.
However, those who survived carried out the legacy to protect the idea of a better world. We became refugees, building outposts to defend the areas where the scars of tyranny have left untouched. Even though the dystopia that we now live in will never be truly healed, our hearts remain loyal to what used to be good in this world and to those who seek to protect it.