In the Black Era, there was only darkness. The darkness never stopped spreading, like roots that haven’t yet been pulled. However, everything in dark’s path had stopped growing, like when death falls over those who’s time has come. The roots of trees stopped sponging water, the birds ceased their cheerful chirps, and the sun had been restricted from ever shining its terrific light on those who take in its pleasure. Darkness was the death of a loved one, darkness was a nightmare, darkness was what every soul feared.

Vildrin, the dark warlock who cast this black magic upon the world of sorcerers, thus polluting the entire land with evil, was a being of endings. Thousands of magic users tried to defend their world of harmony by trying to make peace with Vildrin, but they suffered the terrible consequences. After seeing that there was no hope to be equal with Vildrin, the sorcerers forged alliances with the neighboring kingdoms, trying to defeat Vildrin with brute force. Ever since that fateful day, their peaceful world has fallen into the torturous clutches of Vildrin, living the lives of slaves and peasants under his rule.

Their were five kingdoms of this corrupted world, which were Astermound, Netherwind, Howlveil, Ivefrost, and the mighty Darrowvane. Along with these five kingdoms, there were five rulers, who were all indestructible forces of power. There was Elder Dolth of Astermound, Elder Grimward of Netherwind, Elder Cinder of Howlveil, Elder Roarthain of Ivefrost, and Elder Anrhys of Darrowvane. All of these great fighters fought in the mighty battles that have occurred in their world, but none have been this brutal and dark.

Vildrin was not just by himself, for he had an entire army of warlocks that have served him only to be turned into ash when they were of no use anymore. Vildrin’s servant, Barrowm, was not a magic user, for he was only the lifeless remains of a soldier of the non-wizard kingdom of Remnoth, rotting away in the clutches of Vildrin. Darkness easily corrupted Barrown’s mind, making him think that Vildrin was the supreme ruler of all the kingdoms.

However, not everyone was corrupted as easily as Barrown, for there were those who were spared by Vildrin and brought to the heart of the five kingdoms. In that exact spot was the first sorcerer fortress that lasted through millions of years of existence. Now, Vildrin laughs at this shard of history from the sorcerers, who used this mighty icon as a place to find protection and peace. It is the place where the planning of the world started, it was the place where the art of magic was created, it was the source of all power, it was…Thunder Hold.