It was now six o’clock in the morning and rays of sunshine were starting to gush from the horizon. Hiladril and the Delthonian men saved the four knights from Sunguarin, and had barely escaped with their lives. Many of the Shadows were chasing after them on Emissardium. Emissardium are horses but they have dark hearts, evil spirits, flaming eyes, and fur and mane as black as coal. “Come,” yelled Hiladril on Fulguran, “we must hurry if we want to get to Haronas in time and avoid the people of Delthon being ripped to shreds from those Emissardium riders! Come fair folk of Delthon, hurry, come on, we don’t have that much time!” Everyone started sprinting for their lives. The four knights, Knight Rendirum, Knight Maelin, Knight Carindeer, Knight Hendilin, and King Retheniel rode by Hiladril’s side, “My lord,” called Knight Carindeer on his brown horse, “Shoot the Emissardee with your bow!” Hiladril had almost forgotten he had that bow. He grabbed it from the sling he had around his back. He pulled out an arrow, pulled the string back to his cheek and… fired! He shot an Emissardee in the shoulder and it collapsed with it’s rider. Hiladril pulled the string back to his cheek and fired again. This time the arrow’s target was the rider of one of the Emissardium. The arrow went straight through the rider since the arrow was not a flaming arrow, and the rider was a Shadow. Hiladril had ten arrows left, and there were about one hundred Emissardium riders that still rode toward the Delthonian, and the blacksmiths and cobblers and maids that had not committed a crime in their lives.

“Knight Hendilin and Knight Maelin,” called Hiladril, “keep the people moving towards Haronas! Retheniel, Knight Carindeer, the Delthonian, Knight Rendirum and I will fight them off! Now go!” Knight Hendilin and Knight Maelin nodded and called their good lucks and good-byes. “Delthonian,” yelled Hiladril, “come, we’ll distract them while the others move on!” They all turned on their stallions to the charging hoard of Emissardium riders. The Shadow who led the rest of the Emissardium riders rode on a Emissardee that was black as coal like the rest of the Emissardee but had a giant scar that cut through his eyeball, and he had a more blood-lust look to him, so did the rider. “Come my brethren!” boomed the leader, “Leave the two king scums alive, kill the others!” All of the Shadows gave a howl, one that all of the Delthonian and Hiladril and Retheniel had never remembered. The howl was big, and it sounded as if one thousand people were yelling at the top of their lungs and were in a echoey room. “You’re cries can maybe break the helmets of good soldiers,” shouted Hiladril, “and maybe your cries can pierce through the ears of kings and queens, but you cannot break through the steel-hard wall of our hearts!” The Delthonian shouted in agreement, and with that shout, they charged toward the deafening raid.

Swords clashed with that of the Shadows’. Men were being slain from everywhere around Hiladril and Retheniel. “We cannot fight them without any light in our midst!” yelled Retheniel over the sound of bashes and clashes. Then an idea crawled into Hiladril’s mind. “Everyone fallback! FALLBACK!!” called Hiladril. “Hiladril,” shouted Retheniel, “what are you doing?!” “Just follow me!” yelled Hiladril, “I’ve got a plan!” They all ran from the wave of Shadows. “Up the hill!” called Hiladril. The army did as they were told. When they got on the other side of the hill, the sun was shining as bright as ever. All the Shadows came up the hill, not thinking of what was on the other side. The sun hit the Shadows’ bodies, and they all turned into dust, and all that was left of them were helmets, tarps, swords, bows, and spears. It had been quite an ugly fight, but most of them made it out of the deafening crowd of Shadows.

It was now six forty-five in the morning, the Delthonian and the Haronasimen had caught up with the rest of their herd of men and women near Pericliram, a very unhappy and unfortunate village. Princess Porphin caught up with Hiladril on a white stallion with her blonde hair whipping in the wind. She asked him, “How’s Giladril?” Hiladril was thinking this question was going to be asked eventually during their journey, it’s just that he didn’t really know how he could answer it. He didn’t know if he had been taken prisoner, or maybe even killed. With that thought he began to tear up. “King Hiladril, are you alright?” Hiladril quickly brushed away his tears with a big swipe, then he looked to Porphin. “I’m sad to inform you that I cannot answer this question,” said Hiladril in a very serious tone, “I don’t know if he’s safe or if he’s been killed or if he’s been tortured or for the sake of Rawl, he could be fighting a ten foot troll that can eat him in one gulp or… or.. (sniff,sniff)… Look, I DON’T KNOW!!” Princess Porphin started to tear up at the sight of Hiladril in this state. “Oh, I’m so sorry Porphin,” said Hiladril in a comforting voice, “I didn’t mean to yell at you. How can I make it up to you?” “Figuring out if Giladril is okay or not.” said Porphin, and she whisked away into the crowd.

They stopped in Pericliram for food and some rest. It was a very raggedy old place. There were only twenty-three buildings, most of them shacks that were supposed to be well created houses, but from all the treachery they’d faced, it was as good as it could’ve gotten. Children were playing in mud puddles and the women were laying out clothes to dry and the men were busy farming or hunting in the Forest of Birk. Once all the children and women noticed the gigantic crowd of Haronasimen and Delthonian they all bolted inside. Retheniel walked to the front of the crowd and called, “People of Pericliram, we mean you no harm, we are here to get food and some rest, please do not be afraid of us!” A small child who looked like he was about six or seven shuffled toward the humongous crowd. He spoke in a soft and frightened voice, “Please help us.”