Everyone’s eyes stared in amazement and dread. Mortith had risen from the dead! Mortith was wearing black armor that looked like it could impale even a man with dragon scale armor. His face was completely covered by his black and terrifying helm. “This is the War of Flesh and Bone all over again!” cried Queen Seelabor, “Prince Thrawl, what are your orders?” Thrawl wasastonished and mortified, but he made his decision, “Men, stand your ground, for if we die, we’ll die with dignity!” yelled Thrawl. The Tenibrismen and the Shadows began their devious chant again. Thrawl and Giladril were both terribly frightened that Mortith had risen, but what would they do if they surrendered? Just lay around and be ruled by Mortith for eternity, no, instead they would fight for the people of Haronas and the world of Rawl. They would be honored throughout the rest of their days for their bravery, for they stood strong in battle and fought the forces of Mortith, for if they didn’t, they would not forgive themselves for being such cowards at the brink of the end of Haronas and perhaps Rawl.

Mortith then spoke in his deep raspy voice, “Haronas, surrender now, or face the consequences of death and imprisonment!” Thrawl then replied back in a very mighty voice, “We shall not surrender to the hands of such filth like you! For we stand strong, and we shall protect our honor and dignity for you have none, and I speak directly to Mortith, the Slayer of Man! Why do these men bow to you when you have no honor amongst these men and women?!” Thrawl gestured all around him, “Why do your men give you offerings of their most prized possessions when you give them nothing in return except hatred and despair when you have all the glory amongst them?!”

Mortith was infuriated by these words, so were the Tenibrismen, “And Shadows, you only created them to fight for you, they don’t get any comforting or glory, for they are heroes in your world if you even have one! They are distant spirits of men who have fought for their families and their honor, but why don’t you let them rest in peace instead of serve demons like you?! They wish they could eat the finest of bread, they wish they could drink the silkiest of wine, but you don’t let them have that do you?! Instead you take all of their honor and store it in your worthless treasure trove so you can have control over all of their minds!” Now the Shadows were infuriated and Mortith was now almost spewing steam out of his ears. “That, I think is quite enough of talk!” yelled Mortith. He grabbed a spear from one of the Tenibrismen and enlarged it with his black magic to be his size, and through it with great force. The spear stabbed through at least five men. All the others were horrified at the sight. All the Shadows and Tenibrismen yelled, and charged toward the kingdom of great kings, lords, and ladies. Down by the gate, General Gallimore’s men stood their ground, ready to defend the capital of Rawl.

“Hold your ground, you heard what Prince Thrawl said.” ordered Gallimore. All the men nodded in approval and clenched their swords and shields and pikes tightly. BOOM! The Tenibrismen and Shadows had broken through the gate and were flowing in like a tsunami. Gallimore yelled and so did the other men. The yells and clanging of swords and spears could be heard from the castle. General Arnethalen’s men thought they should go down there to help them out, but the general held his hand high to stop them. But he did give the signal for the archers to fire. All the archers got their bows ready, Arnethalen raised his hand high in the air and called, “Ready… and… FIRE!” Arnethalen swung his hand down like a blacksmith’s hammer coming down on a sword. The archers fired and a shower of arrows came hurtling towards Mortith’s men. Tenibrismen and Shadows fell down with arrows in their chests. Arnethalen then raised his hand up in the air again and the archers began to get their bows ready again. Arnethalen called, “Ready… and… FIRE!” and swung his hand down again and another wave of arrows came zooming toward the Tenibrismen and the Shadows. Arnethalen raised his hand again, but this time the enemy shot a wave of arrows that were so sharp, it could go straight through a tortoise’s shell. “ARROWS!” yelled Arnethalen to alarm the men of the oncoming wave of death. Many were badly wounded from the arrows, but some were on the ground with blank eyes, pale skin, and stiff as if they were all tied up in rope. Arnethalen was shot in the leg and was kneeling down in pain. He was losing a lot of blood and his face was turning pale. Thrawl ran all the way down to Arnethalen and picked him up in his arms. He struggled back to the castle and two healers ran out and put him on a stretcher. Arnethalen muttered, “Thank you.” and was carried away into the castle.

Thrawl quickly called the other healers to get the rest of the wounded men.  “Giladril, go down there and command the remaining soldiers. I know you can do it.” said Thrawl. Giladril nodded and Thrawl gave him a small smile. Giladril ran down to the battlefield and ordered the remaining men to get up and fire at will. Thrawl stayed at the castle helping the healers. Another flurry of arrows shot toward the enemy. The Tenibrismen and Shadows yelled in pain as the arrows penetrated their bodies. Mortith was doing the most damage for he had a giant sword that looked like it was forged in the darkest depths of Sunguarin. “Aim for Mortith, aim for Mortih!” yelled Giladril. The archers pulled their arrows back up to their cheeks, aimed, and fired. The arrows soared through the air, spinning as they went. The arrows hit Mortith, but unfortunately the arrows had no match against the armor Mortith wore. The arrows simply deflected off the armor, the size of the arrows were the size of needles compared to Mortith.

Mortith laughed a big deep disgusting laugh, “You pathetic mortals!” he laughed and fought at the same time, “Do you really think you can defeat me? Only King Bormithion has a chance of defeating me, but he’s dead isn’t he?” “Yes, my great grandfather might be dead,” called Giladril, “but his blood runs through my veins, my brother’s veins, and my father’s veins, the king of Haronas!” Mortith , “Standing up for your city won’t save you!” called Mortith, “Only joining me will save all of your lives!” Giladril ground his teeth, “We’ll never join you!” called Giladril, “Our honor and dignity shall not drop to your level!”

Mortith roared and swung his giant sword through the air. The swing took thirty men’s lives. Mortith pointed his sword at Giladril’s area in which his troops were at. Mortith and his army charged, and when the gateway was clear, Giladril and his troops were horrified. They saw hundreds of men who had fallen on the ground, dead. Many of them were wounded, but it wasn’t just the soldiers and knights who had died, for they had lost a general. Giladril roared in fury. He yelled, “CHARGE!!” and the rest of the men yelled in triumph as if they had already won this horrid battle, and all of them ran toward their fate.