Back in Haronas:

A few hours had passed since The Battle of Delthon and led into the next day. There were only a few hours left until the army of Shadows and Tenibrismen arrived. All the townspeople were panicking, and Thrawl and General Gallimore were trying to lead them to the castle while Giladril comforted everyone who was already in the castle. “Prince Thrawl!” called General Gallimore, “We must go faster if we hope to get everyone into the castle before the Shadows and Tenibrismen come!” Thrawl looked beyond the gate of Haronas. He saw a giant row of light toward the west…twas the Shadows and Tenibrismen’s torches, or just the Tenibrismen’s torches for Shadows hated light, so they had two separate groups of Shadows and Tenibrismen. The Shadows were as ugly as ever. They were rotting like a corpse should, except actually walking and talking. Their eyes were replaced with hollow holes in which you would be able to see the back of their skull. They were covered in cobwebs and muck with worms and spiders crawling in and out of their bodies. Their clothes were seriously torn, and they looked like they’d been worn on the same body for more than one hundred years. The only part of the Shadows that didn’t disgust the Haronasimen and Brandeelthian was the Shadows’ weapons, but even though they didn’t look revolting, they looked extremely frightening. Their blades of the swords were black iron, were sharpened to the sharpest point, and had an engraving to not remember. The engraving was, ‘May I swing as fast as day. May I slash as swift as wind. May I stab as quick as death.’ The hilt of the sword was made of rotting bones with small pieces of flesh still on them. The axes had the same description of the swords, except the top of the ax had a skull placed on it. The bows were made from a cormultun tree. That kind of tree grows only in the Midnight Forest. The wood was as black as a blackbird’s feathers, and the engraving on the bows was the same as the swords. The shields had a willow tree that was burning to the ground. Many people gasped in horror at the sight of the burning tree, you’ll soon figure out why. The Tenibrsmen wore black face paint. Their eyes were blazed with hatred and greed, some of their teeth were missing, and the ones that remained were mustard yellow. Their clothes were equally disgusting as the Shadows, their weapons looked as wicked looking as the Shadows’, the only differences between them was that they actually were alive, they had flesh on their bodies, and they still had their eyeballs. Thrawl was worried now, “Quick people!” called Thrawl, “hurry up, single file, come on let’s go!” Gallimore did the same thing, “Come on, come on, we must hurry!”

In about thirty minutes everyone was in the castle, but the row of light was much closer now. “General Gallimore, get a large portion of the soldiers and knights and make sure half of them have torches and go to the city gate, General Arnethalen, do the same as General Gallimore and head to the center of town and spread out your troops.” ordered Thrawl, “Giladril stay here with me at the castle.” Giladril nodded. “Seelabor, keep your men at the ready in the castle.” Seelabor nodded, “You heard the prince, get in your positions and be ready for whatever comes through that gate!” ordered Seelabor.

“You’re really being like a true prince right now,” said Giladril, “I think if Father were here, he’d be so proud of you.”

“Giladril, you forget, Father might’ve been caught by Tenibrismen, or he might even be dead, which would make me king, I don’t think I’m ready for the responsibility.”

“Thrawl! How could you say that?!” scolded Giladril, “Our father is the grandson of the Hero of Heroes, King Bormithion for heaven’s sake! In fact, he’s probably on his way back right now!”

“You’re right Giladril, I was being foolish for thinking Father had been caught or killed.” said Thrawl.

“Besides, in my opinion, I think you’re very ready for the responsibility of being a king.” said Giladril.

“Thanks Giladril.” said Thrawl.

“Your very much welcome. But what’s that sound?” That sound was the booming sound of Tenibrismen and Shadows marching to Haronas. “Draw your sword Giladril, have you named it yet?” asked Thrawl, “I’m thinking Argentuith.” said Giladril. “May Argentuith swing with great force on it’s enemies.” said Thrawl, “Mine is named Tytorum.” “May Tytorum slash with great speed on it’s foes.” said Giladril. Thrawl and Giladril hugged, hoping they wouldn’t lose each other. “May Rawl give you it’s blessing,” said Thrawl, “And may you not die in vain.” “You too Thrawl, you too.” said Giladril. They both started to cry. Thrawl and Giladril started to remember when Hiladril told them what great warriors they were going to be when they grew up, Thrawl had just turned six, and Giladril was four, and Venul was still alive.

It was very sunny outside, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.”Thrawl and Giladril,” said Hiladril, “You’re both growing so strong, and I know someday you’ll become brave warriors one day, and you’ll be known throughout the land of Rawl.” Thrawl and Giladril both laughed, “Daddy, how’s Mommy doing?” asked Giladril, “Is she still coughing and is she still looking white?” Hiladril looked down, and looked back at Giladril, “She’s doing much better,” said Hiladril, “But the healer says she just needs some rest and no sudden movements.” Giladril looked a bit disappointed that he wasn’t going to be able to see his mother. “Giladril, do you wanna go outside and play “sword-fight?” asked Thrawl. Giladril’s spirits were lifted, “YEAH!” he cried, “I’ll go get the swords.” (By that he meant some pieces of wood that were carved into the shape of a sword.) “You warriors go outside and play.” said Hiladril, “I’ll go see your mommy.” Thrawl and Giladril went outside and played with their fake swords. Hiladril went into his room where Venul was. He found Venul in a worse shape than ever. She was burning hot, her cough sounded like a cat choking on a hairball, and she was more white than a ghost. “Venul!” cried Hiladril, “What has happened to you?”

“I just don’t understand it,” said the healer, “She was fine at first, but all of a sudden she just came down with this ghastly cough and fever.” Hiladril was sweating and breathing very heavily. “Venul, everything is going to be alright.” said Hiladril. Venul turned her head in his direction, “Everything is already alright.” said Venul in a calm, sweet voice, “Everything is alright because your here, and Thrawl and Giladril are safe.”  “But, Venul I-” Venul put a finger up to his mouth. “Don’t worry,” said Venul, “I was suffering. I want this Hiladril… I want this.” Hiladril started to sob, “But, will I ever be able to see you again?” asked Hiladril. “Of course you will, when-, COUGH-COUGH, when the time comes, you will see me, and we can sit together again under the willow tree like we did when we first met.” Hiladril squeezed her hand, and kissed it. “When should I tell the boys?” asked Hiladril through a sob. A tear trickled down Venul’s cheek, “When you think the time is right.” said Venul, more tears started to fill her eyes. “I’ll never forget you.” said Hiladril, “No one I meet will ever be like you, you’re too perfect for me.” Venul did a small laugh. “You can rule Haronas without me, you’ll be a great ruler without me, you’ll be a great father without me.” Hiladril sobbed some more, “Goodbye Venul.” Venul smiled, “Goodbye Hiladril.” Venul’s head turned limp, her hand dropped from Hiladril’s, her eyes were blurry, and she was as stiff as a log. The healer gasped, and Hiladril’s heart shattered. He kissed Venul’s forehead, and left through the room without a word.

Hiladril first told Thrawl and Giladril what had happened, they broke down in sobs. Then he wanted a town meeting in the castle where everyone was cramped, and told the sad news. Everyone gasped and started to mutter. Some people started to cry, some looked around as if wanting to know if anyone else knew about this, and some people just fainted. It was very gloomy outside the next day when they had the queen’s funeral. No one was happy throughout any of the day. Everyone placed flower wreaths in the queen’s coffin as it passed by through the street of Haronas, to the willow tree where Hiladril and Venul first met. That’s where they buried her, and also where Hiladril gave his last mournful sobs to Venul. Now some people call Venul the Willow Queen, but Hiladril will always call her his wife, his only wife. And now look at Thrawl and Giladril, in their twenties, and about to fight in a full out battle. They had turned into great warriors, and stayed great warriors throughout the rest of their days.

“Now we fight for Rawl.” said Giladril. Thrawl smiled, “FOR RAWL!” cried Thrawl, “FOR RAWL!” cried Giladril, then everyone joined in the chant, “FOR RAWL! FOR RAWL!! FOR RAWL!!!” They could all hear the nasty chants from the Shadows and the Tenibrismen, “FOR TENABRON! FOR SUNGUARIN!! FOR MORTITH!!!” The Haronasimen and the Brandeelthian were disgusted, but they all noticed a figure that was twelve feet tall. They all knew it couldn’t be a Shadow or a Tenibrisman, but when one of the Tenibrismen’s torches raised, they could all see the face of Death itself.