It was now ten o’clock pm, and two mornings and two nights have passed after the Council of the Wise and Noble had arrived in Haronas. “Come Fulguran, we’re nearly there.” said Hiladril, he named the horse he took from Tenabron, Fulguran. Fulguran wined, “I guess we could stop for a short break.” said Hiladril, “But right when our break is over, we get running, alright.” Fulguran wined again. They stopped in a grassland and Hiladril gave Fulguran some water from a nearby stream. Hiladril hadn’t had food for hours and hours, he was so terribly hungry, but his thought of the possibility that the Shadows and Tenibrismen had already begun to attack Haronas, it was just too much for him to focus on food.

“I think we should start moving along again.” said Hiladril, “I can’t stand the thought of Haronas being lost, but then again, I can’t stand the thought of Delthon being lost either.” Hiladril was yet again in a tight spot. Hiladril started thinking he should go to the south to save Delthon from vanquish. It took him a while to decide, but he finally decided it would have to be Delthon. For if he did not come for Delthon, King Retheniel would never forgive the kingdom of Haronas. Hiladril got on Fulguran and rode to the south.

An hour had passed, Hilaril and Fulguran stopped a few times on their journey to Delthon. When Hiladril finally got there, his eyes opened wide in sadness and grief. Delthon was being attacked and was in flames. “Run Fulguran, Delthon needs us more than Haronas. Hiladril rode toward theĀ beaconĀ of flame, and when he finally got to the gate, the watchman called, “OPEN THE GATES!” The gates opened like a welcoming doorway, but what Hiladril saw inside was something he wished he would forget in the future. Hundreds of men lay dead on the ground with blood dribbling down their foreheads or chests. Hiladril rode into Delthon with fury and sadness in his heart. Hundreds of Tenibrismen marched up the hill to the castle. Hiladril rode in with no planning. He stabbed and sliced the Tenibrismen as he rode up to the castle. But even with Hiladril’s big gap in the enemy lines, they still stood strong and more angry than ever. “Delthon, I come to help you in your time of need!” yelled Hiladril. The gate of the castle quickly opened, and when Hiladril got in, it was quickly shut. “Hiladril!” called a desperate voice, it was King Retheniel’s voice, “Delthon has no chance of defeating the Tenibrismen, there are too many of them, we cannot win this battle!” “Do not lose hope my friend.” said Hiladril, “Even if we do lose, we’ll all escape, and we’ll build a new kingdom, a new home, a new Delthon.”

“Your words are truly golden.” said Retheniel, “But how will we get to Haronas in time before our battle is over, now with only your army and Seelabor’s army defending your kingdom?” Hiladril thought for a moment, then his thoughts were interrupted by a booming noise. The Tenibrismen were trying to break the gate. “Hiladril, we must run, we cannot fight them, they’re too strong.” said Retheniel in a sad voice with no hope in it, “I do not want my people to face the same fate that so many did in the War of Flesh and Bone.” Hiladril was surprised at his personality, Retheniel would usually never back down from a fight. “Retheniel is Porphin alright?” asked Hiladril. Retheniel looked up, “Well of course she’s alright, I had her stay up in the castle the whole while.” Hiladril said, “Good, because if our fate is to die at the hands of Tenibrismen, I have something to tell you.” Retheniel perked up his ears, “I’ve known for a while, and I think it’s time you knew about it before we die. Giladril and Porphin are in a relationship. Please I beg of you to let them stay together, if you don’t, Giladril will never forgive me, and Porphin will never speak to you again.” Retheniel looked astonished, then again, not surprised. “Hiladril, I’ve been noticing Giladril and Porphin going out more together, it’s not really a big secret, and I don’t mind.” said Retheniel. Hiladril was relieved, but on the inside he was not at all, for he almost forgot they were about to be slain by bloodthirsty Tenibrismen.

Crack…CraCK…BOOM!!! The gate had been broken, and a river of Tenibrismen came rushing in. Hiladril drew Gladimus, comforted Fulguran to stay put in the back of the castle, and Retheniel drew his sword, Animor. Gladimus and Animor soared through the air like hawks coming down on their prey. All around Hiladril and Retheniel, they saw men falling to the ground either with arrows in their chests, or swords slashing and stabbing as fast as lightning. “Hiladril, ARGH! There are too many, OOF, of them, ARGH!” yelled Retheniel. The sound of the clanging of swords and shields was hard to hear anything, but Hiladril understood it. “Do you, ARGH, wish to, UGH, retreat m’lord, #$%&!” yelled Hiladril. A giant axe came down on Hiladril but he quickly dodged it. “No, we shall keep fighting, Delthon’s dignity will not fall!” yelled Retheniel. “What about, ARGH, Haronas?!” asked Hiladril. Now it was Retheniel’s turn to think so very hard. “RETREAT!!! RETREAT TO THE BACK GATE!!!” yelled Retheniel with sadness in his voice. Everyone ran and the Tenibrismen chased after them. Hiladril rode on Fulguran. “Porphin!” yelled Retheniel, he went up a long winding staircase, a few Tenibrismen followed him. “Retheniel, be careful!” yelled Hiladril, “Come people, follow me!”

They got to the back gate. “Does anybody have the key to the gate?!” asked Hiladril. A plump looking man emerged from the crowd. He gave the key to Hiladril and he quickly opened the gate. “Quick, hurry!” yelled Hiladril. Everyone ran through the gate. Hiladril quickly closed the gate behind him and locked it. He could hear the shouts and cries of the Tenibrismen. “Hiladril, I’m so happy you’re okay!”called Retheniel emerging from the front gate with Porphin alongside him. “I’m happy you’re okay too.” called Hiladril. But his spirits were lowered by the sight of a flag of Delthon falling off one of it’s posts. It was a scarlet flag with a golden dog standing proudly on a rock. For Delthon, had fallen.