Hiladril woke up with a start. “Hey, you go back to sleep you lousy worm!” said a rough voice. Hiladril was on a bed that felt like rock, and he was nearly naked, and most of his items had been taken. “Oh this is beautiful this,” said another rough voice, “This sword is absolutely beautiful and it’s all mine.” “Hey!” said the rough voice that Hiladril had heard before, “I had my hands on that first!”

“Oh did you?” said the other rough voice

“Yes I did!”

“No! It’s mine now, you can keep that small bag of gold.”

“I don’t care for gold, I want that sword! Give it here!”

Hiladril heard punching and kicking and finally the sound of someone falling out of a window from quite a high place. “Now it’s mine.” said the second rough voice. Hiladril caught a glimpse of a knife in a corner he could maybe just reach it. Hiladril scooted to the corner very slowly so the mystery person wouldn’t here him. Hiladril reached out his hand, but then he realized that his hands were bond. So Hiladril reached with both his hands and tried to grab with his two palms. He got it! But now he had to cut his ropes. Hiladril put the knife backwards in his hand and started to slowly cut the ropes. Unfortunately, when he finished cutting the rope, there was a snap that came from it, and the mystery person heard it loud and clear. He turned around and saw what Hiladril was doing. The mystery person was a Tenibrisman and he was ready for a fight. He charged with a, “YAAAAHHH!” and was planning to fight with Gladimus. Luckily Hiladril still had the knife, and when the Tenibrisman was close enough, he stabbed him right in the chest. His expression in his eyes were very surprised, and he dropped dead to the floor.

Hiladril cut the ropes that bond his feet and dressed up again and reclaimed Gladimus. Hiladril unlocked the door with the Tenibrisman’s key. He snuck down the stone stairs, on his way he had to deal with a few more Tenibrismen, but the gatekeeper was the hardest one to defeat. He was very strong, and had an enormous mace. When the gatekeeper swung his mace at Hiladril, he was able to duck and crawl under his legs since he was so big. “Where’d you go you scum?!” exclaimed the gatekeeper, “You might be as sly as a fox, but I’ve got the eye of a hawk!” But the gatekeeper was wrong, he actually had very bad eyesight and Hiladril sneaked up behind him, and stabbed him in the back. The gatekeeper roared with pain, and he too fell to the ground, dead.

Hiladril got the key from the gatekeeper and unlocked the gate. Hiladril had forgotten all about the watchmen, who there were called Scavengers. One of them began to call, “THE PRISONER HAS ESCAPED!! THE PRISONER HAS ESCAPED!!” All the other Scavengers joined in. Hiladril quickly climbed up one of the watchtowers. Another one of the Scavengers called, “Oi, where’d he go?!” Hiladril than appeared right in front of the Scavenger that had called. The Scavenger looked utterly surprised and was about to call again, but Hiladril quickly covered his mouth. “Tell me, where am I, why have you kidnapped me and what have you done with the five knights I was venturing with?” Hiladril warned him if he yelled again, he’ll throw him into Farothyn’s forest. The Scavenger said, “Your’re in Tenabron, it was Knight Felindil, he paid us to kidnap you, and kill you, we’ve placed the other knights in Sunguarin.” “Felindil, that traitor, I shall never forgive him. But what do they plan to do with the knights?” asked Hiladril. “They’re going to torture them until they tell us what they know about your plans.” said the Scavenger with a crooked smile. Hiladril asked the Scavenger, “Where is Haronas?” the Scavenger pointed to the east.

“Where is the closest horse?” asked Hiladril. The Scavenger pointed to a stable that was quite close by, but many Tenibrismen were by it. “Give me your bow.” said Hiladril. The Scavenger said no, but Hiladril warned him again about Farothyn’s forest. So the Scavenger handed his bow and arrows to him, and Hiladril shot one of the arrows at the rope that was keeping the barrels of wine in a wagon, and all the barrels tumbled out. The Tenibrismen ran to the tumbling barrels to put them back in, now this was Hiladril’s chance. He swooped down from the watchtower and sneaked up to the stable. He pulled out a white horse that surprisingly didn’t make that much noise. She was beautiful, with her flowing mane, her glinting horse shoes, and she seemed like a really fast horse. Hiladril slowly got on it’s back and yelled, “YA!” and road off through the gate of the city. All the Tenibrismen started firing arrows, except the Scavenger that Hiladril had talked to, for Hiladril still had his bow and arrows. The Tenibrisimal flag had a blackbird on it that was the color of ink and it hung like a big piece of seaweed stuck on a flag post and it disgusted Hiladril. The Scavenger cursed, and Hiladril rode to the east, for Haronas was waiting for him.