Leo and I vanished into the caverns between the mountains that loomed ahead of us. The sun shown bright through the crack between the two mountains giving us two looming shadows that captured the day’s bleak existence within its cold clutches of solitude. My boots were worn down rags that were placed upon my feet for warmth against the sinister chill. Icicles were peppered along the branches of the scarce population of trees and my fingers were beginning into icicles of their own. I pulled out my pistol and shot three bursts into the air and placed my fingers along the barrel for even an inkling of warmth. Leo was instantly alarmed unholstered his dagger and snared back at me.
“Jesus Christ,” he mumbled. “Are you trying to get us killed?!”
“I…um,” I started. “My hands were cold-”
“I don’t give a damn about the weather being a little too brisk for your “illustrious” fingers!”
“But why should you? What do we have to worry about?”
“Orion…you don’t want to know how many answers that question has,” said Leo, with another glare of seriousness. He turned away to the snow once more, looking as if he saw his own future, staring through his soul in the frozen fractals of every snowflake that covered the bare wasteland.

We trekked on, looking for any sign of humanity. My communicator started blurbing nonsense and I hurriedly pulled it out of my satchel. My numb fingers finally clasped around it tightly with hope flowing through my veins.
“Hello?” I nervously asked. “Hello? This is Orion Bridger from Outlast-112, I am requesting a search party for my friend and myself,”
“Wh…what-t-t…ar-r-r-r-r-r-e…co-o-o-o-o…rd…..nates…?” the communicator blabbed.
I rummaged through my supplies until I found a beacon sender. I brushed some scurried snowflakes off of its screen.
“28.5983° N, 83.9311° E!” I yelled as clearly as I could.
The communicator went dead.
“No,” I gasped. “No, no, no, no, NO!” I screamed as I threw the communicator on the ground and smashed it to bits. “Is this what we’re going to do? Just wander about in the Gravens until we freeze our asses off? When I became a Bringer I thought I was gonna be able to make the world different. I thought I was gonna be able to help bring the Dawning but no! I just get to sit here in the snow and wait till I’m dead!”
“Hey,” said Leo, reassuringly. I didn’t dare look at him in my distraught state. He rushed over to me and knelt down next to my heap of shame. “Hey!” he screamed in my ear. This time I looked, not in hope of comfort, but in fear. Leo returned to his calming tone.
“Hey, I know how to it feels to be lost. It’s crazy that when someone loses something that’s important to them, they become just as lost. Your dreams of appeasement may be gone, but your future is not. The Tyranny are dominant, but your fear is not. The world has been taken, but your courage has not!”
I felt warm and at peace.