“Your horse is prepared your majesty,” said Belith, “will there be anything else, m’lord?” Hiladril wasn’t exactly listening, he was utterly hypnotized by the thought of his passed wife, and with no son in sight to comfort him. “Huh… oh yes Belith, uh, that¬†will be all.” said Hiladril. Belith bowed as he left into the castle. “Knight Felindil, Knight Rendirum, Knight Maelin, Knight Carindeer, Knight Hendilin, onward to Animalam (one of the cities of the Tenibrismen) !” yelled Hiladril in a triumphant voice. The five knights cheered with victory in their hearts. And all six of them rode off on their white, brown, black, and beige through the gate of Haronas.

The five knights and Hiladril rode slowly through the forest, Immanivam, guarded by the mighty beast, Farothyn. “My lord,” called Knight Felindil, “you do know that we will run into The Creature don’t you?” Hiladril laughed, “My dear friend Felindil,” said Hiladril, “Farothyn and I made a deal about three years ago. Usually he kills someone who disturbs the forest, for instance, cutting down a tree, hunting animals that dwell in the forest, or throwing a rock into a hornets’ nest, but when I last encountered Farothyn, I quickly interrupted him before he could say anymore about entering his domain. I said, ‘”Farothyn, why are you ever so caring about your forest, well I don’t mean that there’s anything wrong with that, but I’ve come to ask you not to kill my men.'”

“Farothyn looked surprised at this, and said in a both human-like and bear-like voice that was too unique to not recognize, “‘Than what do you suppose I do when men and other despicable creatures enter my forest of life and death?'” I was prepared for this question so I answered quite quickly, ‘You could could ask riddles, but if they answer wrong, than I guess you could kill them, but at least give them a chance.'” Farothyn thought about this, but he didn’t agree, Farothyn was being extremely stubborn, he thought humans and the other living things that didn’t know the importance of the forest needed to be treated a lesson, so I had to do something sacrificial. “‘I promise not to harm or disturb your forest again, but do I have the permission to get my lumber from the neighboring forest?” Farothyn thought yet again, “‘Yes Hiladril, grandson of Bormithion, King of Haronas, I will give your people a chance if they come across my path.’ Farothyn never really liked the other part of the forest that much, a few dark and fierce things live there. Like giant bugs that turn you inside out or creatures that look harmless are really evil spirits that will torture you as much as they please, which is quite a lot.Then I gave him another request, ‘If the person you give the riddle to answers it right, you must help them survive in your forest if they need to or you must lead them out of the forest if they need too leave the forest.’ Farothyn was a bit confused about that sentence but he was able to bring it all in. Farothyn thought long and hard about it, about fifteen minutes or so, and eventually he agreed. But I do assure you, if you are a citizen of Haronas, Farothyn will give you a chance.”

“Smart thinking my lord.” said Knight Maelin. “Yes it was quite brave of you to stand up to The Creature like that,” said Felindil, “I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone else who’s actually not been afraid of The Creature before.” Hiladril was touched, but yet quite annoyed at the same time, “Come now Felindil, you don’t need to call Farothyn “The Creature” anymore.” said Hiladril with a frown on his face, “If Farothyn himself heard you calling him “The Creature” he would be very offended and probably make a vow that the creatures of the forest will keep a very sharp eye out for you, and the deer would stab you with their fierce antlers, and the bears would rip you to shreds with their teeth.” Felindil looked ashamed of himself, “Forgive me my lord.” said Felindil. “Nah, it’s alright, you’re still here in one piece.” said Hiladril, all the knights and Hiladril laughed.

The six of them trotted along slowly for maybe about ten minutes and suddenly a giant black bear pounced on King Maelin. The rest of them quickly got off their horses and drew their swords. “No, don’t harm the bear or Farothyn will kill us all!” yelled Hiladril, “Than how are we supposed to rescue Maelin?!” exclaimed Knight Rendirum. “I don’t know!” Hiladril cursed and begged to God that Farothyn would come to rescue them. The five knights just stood their, all looking utterly nervous about Maelin’s fate. Hiladril’s prayers were then answered, Farothyn appeared from a thick pine tree that stood right by them. Farothyn yelled at the gigantic black bear in the language of the forest, Silvania. The great bear then turned and vanished through the trees of the forest. Farothyn cocked his half-bear, half-eagle, half-fish, half-deer head to the six men of Haronas. “Your friend is lucky that he has quite a few scratches instead of his throat ripped out.” Maelin rubbed his hand over his throat in nervousness. “Tell me Hiladril, King of Haronas, why do you enter my forest and cross my path?”

“We’re venturing to Animalam to see of there are any Tenibrismen or Shadows around.” said Hiladril, “We haven’t heard or seen of any ambushes from them, so we’re wondering what they’re up to.” Farothyn responded with, “Tenibrismen are moving slowly and slyly through Rawl without disturbing any of the peace, and soon they’ll attack Delthon. If any of your friends are there I’d suggest you quickly warn them.” Hiladril was now thinking very hard about this problem. “If Delthon gets invaded before the attack on Haronas, than we’ll lose a large portion of our army and we’ll also lose the battle.” thought Hiladril, “Seelabor’s army will be wasted and vanquished, and so will mine. Oh no, how am I ever going to-” Hiladril was interrupted by the feel of the searing pain of an arrow in his leg. Hiladril dropped to the ground. While he was going into the deep sleep that awaited him, he could still see the five knights fighting something very blurry to his eyes. The knights were swinging their swords every which way, but he couldn’t see Farothyn, he abandoned them in their time of need. Hiladril tried to get up, but he was as limp as a salami. Hiladril’s eyes closed, and awaited a dangerous fate.