Hiladril woke up with a terrible headache thinking about Giladril and Princess Porphin. But this was no time for romance, it was time to prepare for the battle. It was eight o’clock in the morning and the doves were hooting in a very proud mood. Hiladril had Belith heat some water and make a warm bath for him, then he put on a pair of  brown pants, a red shirt, boots, and a brown belt. He went downstairs for a well prepared breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast. “Have all the guests left?” asked Hiladril, “Indeed they have your majesty.” said Belith, “And I suggest you eat that up before it gets cold.” added Belith. Hiladril quickly ate up his breakfast, and went to get Thrawl and Giladril to plan the day out in the Hall of Thrones.

He went to fetch Thrawl first. His room was decorated with swords and shields all around the walls that we had taken as trophies from battles or tournaments. Thrawl had a king-sized bed that was roughly made and had a few pieces of cotton coming out from one of the holes in his mattress. Thrawl had already gotten washed up and dressed, “Hello father, I didn’t hear you come in.” said Thrawl in a voice a bit lower than Giladril’s. “Oh, sorry, I just came to ask if you could come to the Hall of Thrones for just a bit so we can discuss what our plans are for the day.” said Hiladril. “Oh, yes I’ll be down in a minute, I just have to polish my sword.” said Thrawl, “You can do that later, now come on while the day is only just a baby.” said Hiladril with a tone of impatience in his voice. “All right, all right.” said Thrawl. And with that Thrawl and Hiladril just walked a little ways down the giant hall to Giladril’s room. Hiladril went up to Giladril’s room, and this time he knocked. Giladril’s room wasn’t as decorated as Thrawl’s, for Giladril liked more space. Giladril had the same kind of bed that Thrawl had and was made the same way. With all the covers put on like they were just thrown on without any real effort in making the bed look well taken care of, and the holes were just about the same size and in the same places as Thrawl’s.

Giladril was just getting his pants on when Thrawl and Hiladril entered. “A little privacy please!” screamed Giladril. “Well don’t you know that when someone knocks at your door it means they’re going to come in?” said Hiladril, this time with a sprinkle of sarcasm in his voice. “Oh come now, we’re all men, we all have the same, you know, parts.” said Thrawl. “Just get out!” yelled Giladril. “All right we’ll leave, but I expect you to meet us at the Hall of Thrones.” said Hiladril. Hiladril and Thrawl then left, and as they did, they could hear Giladril cursing behind his doorway.

Thrawl and Hiladril went down the hall, took a left, down the hall again, took a right, down the hall again, took a left, down the hall again, took a left, then finally arrived at the Hall of Thrones. Hiladril sat himself down into his oaken chair at the end of the table, and then Thrawl took a seat in his ash chair that wasn’t as fancy as Hiladril’s but fancier than the fir chairs and it was right nest to Hiladril. “So, Thrawl, you’re not, in a relationship with another royal are you?” asked Hiladril in a nervous voice. Thrawl almost fell out of his chair at the thought. “No! Why would you even think about that!” yelled Thrawl. Hiladril looked around to make sure no one else was listening, and told him the whole story about Giladril and Princess Porphin. This time Thrawl actually fell out of his chair. “I’m speechless.” said Thrawl, his eyes bulging in astonishment.

“Yes I know it’s quite a lot to take in, but I’m really thinking on leaving them alone, otherwise Giladril would never forgive me.” said Hiladril, helping Thrawl up, “But let’s not discuss this anymore, and especially to your brother, otherwise he’ll be at both our throats.” “Agreed.” said Thrawl. All of a sudden Giladril entered the room. Thrawl and Giladril immediately acted natural and pretended they hadn’t said anything. “Sorry I kept you waiting,” said Giladril, “Belith kept burning the eggs, so I just decided to skip breakfast and come here.” “Well, the day is yet just a toddler, so you’re not that late, but just get someone to teach Belith to cook eggs.” said Hiladril with a smile.”

“I believe Queen Seelabor and King Retheniel will be coming in about a week with all their men that will be well and healthy.” said Hiladril, “Thrawl and Giladril, I expect you to train your knights extra hard today.” Thrawl and Giladril nodded with agreement, “As for me, I’ll go with our best trained knights and scout the area for any Shadows or Tenibrismen.” “But father, isn’t that a little bit too risky?” asked Giladril, “Nonsense,” said Hiladril, “I’ll always have Gladimus on my side.” Hiladril patted his sword that was tied on his belt that had recently been polished by Belith. “I don’t know, even with Gladimus, you might be, I don’t know, too old too fight.” “Nonsense,” repeated Hiladril, “In my gut I can feel that I’ve still got the fighting spirit.” Thrawl and Giladril gave their father a nervous smile.

“I believe that will be all,” said Hiladril, “Giladril, get one of our head chefs to teach Belith how to make good eggs.” Thrawl and Giladril gave their father nervous smiles again, and left through the gigantic gate that led into the Hall of Thrones. Right before they left Hiladril reassured them, “Please don’t worry about me, I can’t feel confident enough while you two are sweating like a pig.” But that was when Hiladril made a big mistake. Hiladril sighed with relief that Thrawl hadn’t brought up Giladril’s relationship with Princess Pophin. “Venul, what am I to do?” asked Hiiladril, who if someone were looking at him, it would look as if he was talking to the ceiling. “Giladril is in a relationship with Princess Porphin, and Thrawl knowes about it, and I know he’s eventually going to crack.” Hiladril of course got no answer, and with that he got out of his oaken chair, and left the Hall of Thrones.