Lord Billium had eventually opened the barrel of ale and was drinking it right from the barrel, many of the women were disgusted. The council was getting into the vanilla cake, and everyone suspected that Lord Esurientil had gobbled down all the raspberries on top of the cake. All of the men had pints filled with beer and mead and were discussing how A Cup of Mead, the downtown tavern, was usually in very bad shape, but now it looks as good as new with people filing in. Hiladril went out on the front porch to get some fresh air from breathing the smell of wine and the fire from roasting a pig. It was a very still and quiet night with only the sound of crickets and frogs in the forest. Lord Cenrol decided to join him, “I’m sorry I embarrassed you earlier your majesty, it was very unlike me to upset a king.” said Cenrol, “Oh it’s quite all right really, I wasn’t really thinking about the Shadows but instead about the preparations for the battle.” said Hiladril.

“Are you confident we’ll be able to defeat the Shadows and the Tenibrismen at the same time?” asked Cenrol. “Well, you can’t be too confident can you. But I really do think we’ll win since have three powerful armies at our call. But if you’re too confident you might not even try and you’ll end up failing, or dying in this case.” said Hiladril. “That’s a fair point.” said Cenrol, “But what if we’re expecting the Shadows and the Tenibrismen at the wrong date, I mean, they could come at any time and ambush us with their most deadly weapons.” said Cenrol with fear in his eyes. “Our forces are strong and we’ll be prepared for whatever happens, I promise.” said Hiladril. Cenrol gave him a small smile and looked more reassured. Cenrol and Hiladril gazed at the stars and the moon with awe. The sky had never looked more clear and beautiful, “Isn’t it odd how it just goes on forever?” asked Hiladril, “Yes, it is quite.” said Cenrol. Cenrol decided to go back inside and join in the conversation about A Cup of Mead. That left Hiladril with the stars reflecting in his eyes and had never felt more relaxed in his entire life.

Then Hiladril heard two people talking below him, it was Giladril and Princess Porphin, they were sitting on the lawn below and they were holding hands. “It’s beautiful isn’t it?” asked Princess Porphin, “It truly is beautiful, but not as beautiful as you.” said Giladril with a grin on his face. “Oh stop, you’re making me blush.” said Princess Porphin, she gave Giladril a small nudge. “Do you think your father will ever know about us?” asked Princess Porphin, “I’m afraid I can’t answer that,” said Giladril, “but if he does, I’ll make sure we won’t get separated.” said Giladril. “I hope we never do,” said Princess Porphin, “I love you too much already to be away from you.” Princess Porphin rested her head on Giladril’s shoulder, and Giladril stroked it slightly. Hiladril was now having a war between himself about Giladril’s and Princess Porphin’s relationship. He couldn’t separate them while they loved each other, otherwise he’ll never forgive himself. And if he let them be, King Retheniel would pronounce war. Hiladril decided to leave it alone for now, but no, it did not leave his mind. He went in before they started to kiss, it reminded him too much of his wife, Queen Venul. Tears started to fill Hiladril’s eyes, he went up to his bedroom where he could cry in peace, and try to forget his deceased wife.