The sun was now completely above the Hills of Helsee, the Shadows would have to return to their dreaded city to rot in their filth until the sun sets, eventually bringing another day. Even though they were safe in the village of Pericliram, the people of both Haronas and Delthon feared the fate of the great city beyond the mountains that lay before them. Without anybody noticing, an old hag with brown rags as her only clothes dragged Hiladril away. He tried pushing away from the woman, but he felt a feeling of an unusual feeling course through his veins. She dragged him into an old hut that smelled of dead animals and rotting flesh. The hag finally let go of Hiladril and sat him down on a dirty stool. “Who are you, why did you bring me here?!” yelled Hiladril. The hag put her thumb and index finger together and slid he moldy hand sideways. Hiladril all of the sudden couldn’t talk and the hag sat there on her own stool with face completely expressionless. Hiladril began to hear and see things in his mind. “My name is Vidensia.” said the hag in a scraggly voice, “I may show you things that may please you and bring you joy or I may show you things that will infest your heart, bringing you forth a life of desire and anguish. May the gods of foreshadowing bestow upon you the light of happiness.”

Hiladril saw a black swirl of smoke and images appeared. Haronas in flames, Giladril had been captured and imprisoned, Mortith walked down the Hall of Thrones with Tenibrismen trailing behind him. But what Hiladril saw was nothing compared to the sight of Thrawl walking right beside Mortith. His gray eyes had turned cold and cruel, his black hair had streaks of grey in them, his usual hazel colored skin had turned pale, and his face was sulken and serious. “My lord Mortith,” said Thrawl in a monotone voice. “Or should I say, King of Haronas.” “Haronas is no more.” said Mortith. “Instead there will be a new city, a city that shall always feared by the entire population of Rawl. Haronas shall now be called Fatarmos, the City of Unforgiving!”

All of his men cheered a deafening howl. Thrawl joined in. Hiladril wanted to get out of the trance but he couldn’t, it was as if his eyelids were being weighed down, then he heard Vidensia’s voice flow through his mind. “Sleep…sleep…let the visions flow through your body. Let it go free and face your destiny.” Hiladril was able to say things through his mind to Vidensia. “Stop this dark magic you have brought upon me!” he said. “I do not wish to see these horrible visions you are showing me. Please, stop!” “You must not fight it!”said Vidensia. “Your eldest shall turn to the side of which no man wishes to cross over to. It is too late now, your son is gone.” The next visions showing Thrawl in his later years. He was now the king of Fatarmos. He was wearing a black crown with skulls engraved in it and a black diamond was floating above his head. His hair had gone completely white, his skin was the color of snow, and his eyes were almost completely black. He wore steel armor that was also engraved with skulls. The love and emotion had almost disappeared from his face. Two Tenibrismen dragged a man wearing a raggedy white shirt and thin brown pants. He had a dirty face with a small blonde beard and had beautiful glossy hair. His blue eyes shined with hope and feeling. “Brother,” said Thrawl in a deep scratchy voice. “You are no brother of mine, Thrawl, son of Hiladril, King of Haronas!” said the man. “Your great city is now called Fatarmos.” corrected Thrawl.

“My army rages forward towards the conquering of the entire world.” said Thrawl, getting up from his dark throne. “Giladril, you have to understand that I have to do this, for my lord’s business was not done when he was dragged back to the Underworld.” Giladril looked away from Thrawl in disgust. “Your heart has been infested by the cruel mind of Mortith.” said Giladril. “Your heart bathes in anguish and cruelty. It feels no love, you must not even need a heart. When the entire world is elapsed in darkness, you will be the one to blame. Later you would pass on to the life beyond and you would have an offspring to finish your plots, but what more will you want?” Thrawl knelt down next to Giladril and drew his mouth close to his ear and whispered, “Your lives.”

Hiladril awoke and tried to take in what he had just seen. His mind had been traumatized by this vision. “Why have you shown me this nightmare?” asked Hiladril. Vidensia said, “Because it is your destiny to change it.”