At the dawn of time, all things were created, as well as the Oak. The Oak is the realm of all birds that have passed on from one world to the other, in other words, it is both the light and the darkness in the history of birds. It is the world in between that keeps all others in balance. Without it, life would become bitter and cold like ice. Happiness and remorse would be gone, then anger and revenge would replace. This safe haven was created as a boundary from anger and destruction. The land beyond The Oak is said to be the portal into true enlightenment. Many have ventured to the other side of the great tree to see what is beyond the mighty wall of oakwood. Others have said The Oak has no bounds of enormity, and others say that it is the gateway to another chance on earth complete the tasks that were not accomplished in their small lives.

The species of birds that live among in The Oak are infinite. They need no food, for the time for eating was only among the land of earth, not here in the paradise of The Oak. In fact, they’ve quite forgotten what food was. Water however is limitless. Everyone gets their fair share and the great creeks that run through every tunnel are enormous. However, they did know all the emotions: happiness, anger, annoyance, quizzicality, sadness, disgust, and fear. If The Oak was just a land of                       loo-loo-la-la, where would the fun be in the afterlife.


From one of the great tunnels fluttered in a small red-throated hummingbird named Gryphon Lightwing. He settled down to a nearby creek and sipped the succulent water with his thin beak. He heard a twig snap in the distance. He cocked his head in the distance and squinted his eyes. All that was there was complete darkness. The glint of eyes shimmered in the reflection of nearby fireflies. Before he knew, he felt a hard punch in his stomach and he found himself pinned to the ground by his best friend, Ash Windbeak.

“Ash, you made my heart skip at least three beats!” laughed Gryphon.

“Believe me mate, if that was a real attack, you’d be as dead as a doornail!” snickered Ash.

Their feathers were completely rugged now. Ash’s orange mohawk didn’t look any different, but Gryphon’s feathers were as scruffy as a sewer rat’s fur. Gryphon’s letters and papers flew around marvelously, for Gryphon was actually a messenger and was planning to apply to the nearby university to eventually learn something other than their history was and what was the square root of pi to the power of nineteen. What he really wanted to do was to travel. Not just the Oak but the entire Universe. Gryphon was actually a very intelligent bird and all he wanted to do in the afterlife was fulfill the destiny that should have been on earth. However, Ash already knows that his destiny will be that he and Gryphon would always be best friends and that he wishes to be by his side all the way until the Second End.

The Second End is when they think that the Oak and the rest of the Universe will be destroyed and our entire plain of existence will go dormant. Everyone knew it was coming, but they just didn’t know when. Their dooms may have been among them, but that did not stop them from doing the things they always wanted to do.

“Here let me help you with that.” said Ash, beginning to shuffle through the letters.

“Oh no, it’s quite alright, I’ll manage.” said Gryphon, picking the letters up with his beautifully colored wings and storing them into his oak-leaf satchel.

“Now wait just a minute,” said Ash. “There’s a letter here that’s supposed to be delivered to the Prophecy!”

They both stared at each other in bewilderment. The Prophecy was believed to be the first bird to enter the realm of The Oak. He is said to be all-knowing and the wisest thing alive.

“What do you think it’s for?” asked Gryphon, still in shock.

“How should I know?” said Ash. “You’re the one who’s into all this weird stuff about serving your purpose and finding enlightenment! Heck, I barely even know anything about the Prophecy. All I know is that he is really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really old. Besides, how far away is the Prophecy from here?”

“About fifty flaps of a crane’s wings.”

“Good, can I pick up Rose on the way? You know how she’s into this kind of stuff.” Ash blushed the slightest bit.

“Fine, but really quick, you know that I have a schedule to keep and Mr. Cringefeather’s Deathday Card is about fifteen beats of an eagle’s wings late.”

“I’m sure the Prophecy is more important than this Mr. Cringefeather.”

“How do you not know him?”

“How should I?”

“He’s the blackbird who always invites us to his Deathday Parties.”

“Didn’t I ever mention that I never go to those? You know how easily depressed I get.”

“I saw you last year with Rose.”

“Okay fine! I just went because Rose told me to even though I had no idea who this guy was.”

“Wow! You need to socialize.”

“Don’t you have a schedule to keep?”

And off they went.