How could it all come to this? As I lay atop the sullen cave floor, I could still hear the screams of the innocent. My life now is a mere shadow of what it used to be. Forevermore will the earth be scarred and burned, but we as a people have the strength to heal our home. The world has gone into a new era, and so have I.
How could it all come to this? As I lay atop the sullen cave floor, I could still hear the screams of the innocent.
My life now is a mere shadow of what it used to be. Forevermore will the earth be scarred and burned, but we as a people have the strength to heal our home. The world has gone into a new era, and so have I.
The wind felt bitter that day as the snow swept across the barren fields of the Voidlands. My grey eyes opened to find nothing but the scarce remains of wood that I used for my fire. The thick clouds that hovered above my petty cave blotted out the sun, but the snow was so crystallized and white that it was almost blinding. I slowly got up, realizing how cramped and dormant my body was from the hard, cold surface of the cave floor. I rustled out all the glimmering snow from my grey cloak, bearing the symbol of the Bringers on the back…a phoenix.
I slung my rifle around my back and I placed extra wrappings around my armor and my face to protect my body from the harsh cold. As I stepped out of my cave, the world felt quiet, like it was in complete hibernation from the sins that have been produced by the race of humanity. I pulled out a pair of high-powered, heat-reading goggles. Through the lenses, all I could see was the heat signature of purple. White was the only thing I could see with the naked eye. I ended up in this wasteland through a patrol of the surrounding area. My party of four disappeared into the malice of the Voidlands. I’ve been out here for only one day and the tides of nature are urging me to give up. Now, I trudge through the snow towards my post, Outlast-112, numbingly cold, intensely thirsty, and painfully hungry. My communicator wasn’t operating correctly either and all I could pick up was random noises of buzzing, clanking, and humming.
After walking perhaps fifteen miles, I looked at my surroundings: mountains, a couple trees, and snow spread out for two-million miles. I found a small enclosure near the mountain ridge I was walking along. I wobbled through the thick, sharp snow, having to heave my boots out of it multiple times as not to lose them. Once inside the small cave, I pulled out my lunar lamp which ran on dark surroundings.
I set the lamp on the cave floor and I sat down with it. I pulled off my boot, revealing the dark, blue shade that my foot had inherited. Every part of my body was stiff with cold, and my damp, thick covers of clothing weren’t helping at all. However, in the distance, I heard a swooshing sound, but along with the sounds of gunfire. I immediately slipped my heavy boot back on and scampered outside. As my eyes adjusted to the blinding light, the sound began humming much louder and more intense. One of the Defiance’s Trekker fighters was in a dogfight with a small group of Sentinel drones.
They swerved in and out of the mountains. Bullets blazing through the sky like shooting stars, my heart pulsated with fear. The Trekker made an expert maneuver by flipping behind the three drones and opened fire on them. One of the drones lit ablaze, swirling to-and-fro and finally crashed in the side of the mountains along with a tremendous explosion. The snow began to turn slightly grey with ash falling through the sky, replacing the blizzard with fire and ship debris. A large chunk of snow fell to the ground, making me jump. I looked up and saw the beginning of an avalanche. I scampered back into the cave, but then realized the snow would trap me in its sullen domain forever. So then, I had to trample down the mountain by foot, running as fast as my enormous boots could carry me. However, the snow overtook me and I was buried under the frozen surface of nature. Everything around me was dark when I opened my eyes. The weight of the snow almost suffocating me, I rapidly pushed out with as much force as I could and looked up to the sky to see if the fight had concluded. Sadly, two drones were still in full pursuit of the Trekker. I pulled out my rifle, waiting for the perfect moment to strike one of the drones in its weak spot, just in between the wing and the cockpit. My finger caressed the trigger and my keen eye stayed on target. I took the shot when the drones soared right over my head, and my barrel was set alight and the rifle jolted backward in my arms. It hit right in the joint, making it spiral through the air, leaving a coiled trail of smoke and concluding in its ultimate demise. All of a sudden, the large cushion of a parachute could be seen drifting down to the surface of the earth with a cargo of a pilot.
He was too far away for me to shoot. I dashed towards the fallen pilot, having my rifle at the ready. The unaware man landed on a snow bank, quickly clipping off the parachute and pulling out a pistol. I watched on top of the bank as he ran away from the site, my scope zoomed in close, but my footing slipped and I hurdled down to the bottom of the small hill. The pilot quickly turned around and blindly shot the ground around me. His eyes were full of menace, and mine were filled with rage. For one fatal second, the entire world was silent, but the silence was quickly revoked by the gunfire that followed. I ducked behind a large nearby boulder, as did the pilot with another. The pilot’s bullets ricocheted off the surface of the rock into piles of snow. But the gun’s crying voice was muted, and now was the opportune time to strike.
I heaved my rifle by my waist, ready to pounce with a flurry of bullets. The pilot was hushed behind his own boulder. I stood at the ready, the blood dashing through my veins, hot with anxiety. Suddenly, the pilot bolted out from his shelter and came running at me with a knife. I stumbled from the surprise attack and my sights weren’t able to close in on him in time. As the dagger went in, and the screams came out. The blade pierced my armor and into my skin through my shoulder. The fire that burned in my shoulder was intolerable. I kicked him down to ground, the knife in his hand now a bright scarlet. He came too quick to ready my rifle once again. He gave me a hard blow to the face with his fist and yanked the rifle out of my hands, eventually kicking it to the side. We clashed with fists flying through the air. I pulled his forearm with the knife in his hand down to my knee, breaking it and letting the knife fall to the ground. The pilot yelped in pain and dived down to retrieve his knife. However, I swiftly countered him by grabbing onto his forehead, and thrusting it down on my knee, giving him a broken nose as well. He wobbled backwards onto the ground and landed with a thud, dazed and confused. I hurriedly fetched the knife and finished him off by plunging the knife deep into his chest, letting the blood ooze out from under his armor, and me standing in victory. Killing was not a favorite of mine, but now that times had changed, mankind must follow suit.
But there was still one drone left. I scooped my rifle off the frozen ground, but before I even got the chance to aim down my scope I saw it happen. The Trekker was shot down, but the pilot tried to remain in control of the ship, stabilizing it so it landed as best it could. I stood in horror as the Trekker collapsed beyond the towering mountain range and the drone casually flew away. I unleashed a flurry of bullets on the savage pod, and I didn’t care if they hit the target, the only thing I was feeling was anger and hatred! I screamed at the sky and fell down to my knees. I hurriedly pulled my communicator from the farthest depths of my cloak.
“Hello. Outlast-112 this is Orion Bridger to Outlast-112 do you copy?” I shouted through the speaker of my communicator, trying to be louder than the wind. “I repeat this is Orion Bridger to Outlast-112 a Trekker has just been shot down by two Sentinel drones do you copy?”
All I could hear was a muffled buzzing sound.
I began a different path, to save the sacrificial pilot, even though I knew that I was doomed to be consumed by the savagery of the Voidlands. I voyaged through the hostility of the blizzard, but then, my end was not to be. The sun began to peep through the clouds, and the wind began to become silent, like the world had seemingly sent me a blessing from the great Heavens above. As I looked around for the outpost or the ship, I only saw the mere skeleton of what was left of the Trekker. What used to be an aerodynamically advanced aircraft that was our main source of transportation was now unrecognizable given to its present state.
Its powerful engines and arched wings had been transformed into ash, the entire bottom of the ship was immersed in snow. The nose of the ship was still intact, so the ship must’ve crashed down on its belly, but the chances of survival were very miniscule. I voyaged towards the ship with my rifle in hand. The pilot must’ve escaped from the wreckage because the cockpit was opened, letting in piles of snow. I sat myself down inside the cockpit, scavenging for any means of survival or maybe even food. I tried digging out the snow only to find pieces of disintegrated documents and broken controls of the ship. The only thing that wasn’t completely destroyed was a picture of a man and a woman. One of them must’ve been the pilot.
I took off my goggles to see the picture clearly. The man was clean shaven with black hair and brown eyes. His hair was very unkempt but he was very handsome. The woman, equally as beautiful, had brown, curly hair that hung down to her shoulders, and she had emerald green eyes. In the background were glorious mountains, rich forests, and flowing rivers. I stared at the picture for a long time, realizing that I hadn’t seen the true colors of the world for a long time.
Ever since the world’s tyranny demolished all that was good, it seemed that the colors of the earth, sea, and sky began to turn foul, the sun became cold, and the animals changed into horrible demons of hell. The memories flowed through my brain like a creek and the horrible images of my friends and family dying at the feet of the dark days. My heart throbbed, my stomach ached, and teardrops began to trickle down my face. I held the picture to my chest, now that it was probably the last thing I would remember of the good in the world.