Hiladril parted the curtains of Vidensia’s tent and took a big whiff of the fresh, green grass. A tear streaked against his cheek. His son, Thrawl, had fallen to the side of the dark lord, Mortith. The wind blew in Hiladril’s black hair and small beard. “What am I to do?” Hiladril asked Vidensia, “Your visions have spoken to me and my heart. My son is in danger and I cannot let him be corrupted by this evil.”

“You must travel through the Forest of Birk and the Forest of Immanivan.” said Vidensia, “Be warned, the guardian, Farothyn shall be waiting for you.”

“He helped my father defeat Mortith, why shouldn’t he do the same thing for me?” asked Hiladril.

“Times have changed m’lord. Farothyn has turned cruel and has been taken by Mortith.” Vidensia leaned close to Hiladril’s ear and whispered, “The plain is growing.” Hiladril backed away from her instantly. “The Black Plain?” asked Hiladril. Vidensia nodded. The Black Plain was an evil piece of the land of Rawl that carried the spirit of Mortith. The city of Tenabron was built right in the middle of it. Before it had only grown to the edge of the Hills of Helsee, now as Mortith grows stronger, the plain spreads wider. As Hiladril thought all this over, he noticed the green grass turning a shade of brown. He looked up and a large, black shadow was coming west of Pericliram.

“RUN!!” yelled Hiladril. Children immediately began screaming and tripping over each other. Mothers carried babies to the edge of the village, fathers held children’s hands to guide them. Hiladril looked behind him. Vidensia stood right where she had stood before. “Vidensia!” shouted Hiladril, “Quick!” Vidensia still just stood their. “I am not your guide to your destiny…you are.” said Vidensia. The black grass was spreading quickly and it eventually came right under Vidensia’s feet. Dark vines broke out from underneath the ground and grabbed Vidensia’s legs, and was pulled under the ground to rot in the black soil.

Then the black grass formed into a gigantic head. It spoke in Mortith’s voice. “You cannot escape!” said the voice, “You cannot run, you cannot fight!” The gigantic head returned back to the form of grass and continued chasing Hiladril, the four knights, the Delthonians, and the Pericliram villagers. “Keep running and don’t stop!” called Hiladril to the enormous crowd. “We must flee to the place where the grass beneath us does not grow!” Everyone knew what Hiladril was talking about, and turned north where the North Cap lay.