It was about eight o’clock at night in the castle of Haronas, all the lords and ladies had joined at a feast in the Hall of Thrones where King Hiladril and his sons, Prince Thrawl and Prince Giladril, had completed all the arrangements required at the table. There was an appetizer of boar ribs, an entre√© of grilled pork, side of grapes, tomatoes, and corn on a cob. Their dessert, vanilla cake, topped with raspberries. It all looked very appetizing, yes indeed it was, Thrawl’s and Giladril’s mouths were almost forming waterfalls in their mouths from the smell and look of the food. At the end of the table was Hiladril’s chair. It was made of the finest oak in the kingdom, and had the most magnificent carving on it of forests and mountains. The rest of the chairs were made of ash or fir. They were very pretty to a regular person, but in the sight of a royal, it would be in the class, “minor seating.”

Lord Altulith and Lady Grendel had already arrived and were helping themselves to the beer and ale. Later on, Knight Felendil arrived with Lord Cenrol, they were able to sneak a few sweets into their pockets. Lady Elthin came with Lord Xorin. And then King Retheniel arrived with Queen Seelabor. There were ten more guests who arrived with gifts and barrels of wine, Lady Utheo was able to sneak in a knife, she was always a bit paranoid of her surroundings. It was now nine o’clock at night and all the guests had arrived, but to be more specific, the entire Council of the Wise and Noble. This particular council was formed ever since King Hiladril had taken the role from his father, and the council hasdown from generation to generation to the kings, queens, lords, ladies, and knights. “Servant Belith, please fetch us another barrel of ale, we might be here for quite some time.” ordered King Hiladril in his mellow voice, “Yes your majesty.” said Servant Belith in his squeaky voice that made the family dog cringe.

Belith soon returned with a big barrel full of ale, and when he got back, all the royals had already had their appetizer and were just starting to get into the grilled pork. Belith cleared his throat over all the discussing of battle plans and weaponry. All eyes turned on Belith, “Your request for a barrel of ale, your majesty.” announced Belith. Hiladril gave him a small smile and said, “You can put it on the table over there.” said Hiladril, “And make sure Lord Billium doesn’t get into it immediately, I want to ration it for the night.” Lord Billium shifted uneasily in his chair and his pudgy face began to turn red. “Yes your majesty.” said Belith. Hiladril clapped his hands as if he was trying to squash a pesky fly with his bare hands, “Well, now that that’s all taken care of, I suggest we continue on with our discussion of our battle plans. Belith, if you would please leave the room.” announced Hiladril. “Yes your majesty.” said Belith, and closed the gigantic wooden doors behind as he left the room. “Lord Xorin, may you please bring out our maps and plans.” ordered Hiladril. Lord Xorin brought out from his leather sack a number of scrolls with many marks and paths drawn on them that a lot of them couldn’t understand. “Lord Xorin, may you explain these maps and plans to us? I think it would be most helpful as you have been fond of cartography for quite some time and have come to the knowing of many of these markings you have drawn.” said Hiladril. “Of course your majesty.” said Lord Xorin in a rather raspy voice. As Xorin explained the complicated maps and scrolls to everyone, Thrawl and Giladril started to mutter; “Even though this is quite dull, I’m at the same time excited about learning these plans.” said Thrawl in a voice that was a lot like his father’s. “I’m feeling the same way, but I’m really thinking Lord Billium is soon going to crack and start hoarding all the ale.” Both Thrawl and Giladril snickered and started to listen and try to act serious. “This bow and arrow sign with a line going through it means it’s safe to go there. This sign here means it’s unoccupied and we’ll be able to hide out there. That sign over there means…” rambled on Lord Xorin, Thrawl and Giladril were pretending to be interested and focused, but they actually had Lady Utheo on their minds because they thought she was so bored and annoyed with Lord Xorin going on and on about the maps and plans that she was going to stab somebody with her knife that she was clenching so hard that her hand was starting to slightly bleed.

After Lord Xorin had explained everything about the maps and plans symbols everyone was relieved from hearing Xorin’s voice going over what symbols meant what. “Now, let’s talk about our battle plan.” said Hiladril, “To be ready for the army of Shadows coming from the south, we have to be prepared. I suggest we have most of our men at the city gate, and have archers and pikeman at the front of all positions. We’ll have the rest of our soldiers guard the downtown area and have all our knights at the ready at the palace. General Gallimore take charge of all the soldiers at the city gate, and have General Arnethalen command the soldiers at the downtown area. Are there any objections to this?” Lord Cenrol became part of the conversation, “Haven’t you forgotten that Shadows only die of light?” Hiladril looked dumbfounded, “Ah, yes thank Lord Cenrol, I, um, sort of, uh, lost myself.” Hiladril gave everyone a fake smile and asked Cenrol; “Then what do you propose to do, Lord Cenrol?” Cenrol was prepared for this question, “Isn’t it obvious? We’ll use torches as our swords and we’ll use flaming arrows for the archers.” Thrawl and Giladril then tried to defend their father, “Yes we’ll do that, but then that’s all our men gone that we were planning on using for the army of Tenebrismen.” Tenibrismen are men who came from the far south that were found in caverns and trenches and have been feared for more than 1,000 years. All the councilmen and councilwomen started to mutter to one another with fear, they had no idea about the Tenebrismen that were coming for them. Hiladril looked at his sons in a hopeful but¬†devastated look. Queen Seelabor and King Retheniel were the only ones who didn’t look nervous. They stood up and raised their hands to signal to everyone that they had something to say. Everyone became silent and stared at Queen Seelabor and King Retheniel. “Haven’t you all forgotten,” said Queen Seelabor with a calm voice, “King Retheniel and I have very vast armies and we’re willing to fight for Haronas, for Rawl.” Everyone, not just Hiladril, looked dumbfounded. Everyones faces brightened and they all started to chant, “For Rawl! For RAWL! FOR RAWL!” “We shall not let the Tenibrismen crawl back from Animalam!” Everyone cheered again with so much victory in their hearts, that the chandelier that hung above them shook. So it was settled, they had their plans and were going to hopefully defeat the Shadows, and the Tenibrismen.