Humans haven’t been the ones to prove the existence of extra-terrestrials. “Are we alone?” has been a question that has been asked for decades, but through the many studies of the proof of aliens, perhaps that question has been answered. There used to be a man named Andrew Lennings who believed we weren’t the only ones in space. Lennings was an astronomer, heliophysicist, and he worked at the old observatory downtown in Minneapolis. Lennings gave information to the people of the world of his discoveries of proof that aliens do exist. People were astonished at the information the seventy-six year old scientist had to give. In the year 2021 things changed. Mankind’s technology developed into great and terrible things. We have made the iPhone 10s, and we have also made ultimate tools of destruction.

“Last night on October 12, Andrew Lennings was murdered at 11 o’clock pm.” said the news lady on 5 News, “There was only one witness which was Andrew Lennings’ son, Charles, who had come over for a visit. He said the culprit was a man wearing a long brown coat with a black fedora, he pulled out strange looking pistol and a flash of purple lit the entire room and when the flash cleared he found his father laying on the floor with a sizzling hole in his chest, Charles said the culprit vanished after the purple flash, Charles quickly contacted the authorities after the murder, and the investigation is ongoing. Recently, officers said that they found strange traces of blood that were examined and they said they had not seen anything like it. It was as if this person was not at all human. Will we ever solve this perhaps otherworldly case?

“Now back to Billy Nohanson with the weather. How is it going to be today Billy?” “Well Debra there seems to be high chance of thunderstorms this evening, and for the afternoon there’s gonna be-.” The television was shut off. “Bravest man I ever knew.” said Charles Lennings, speaking to himself. Charles Lennings lay in his father’s bedroom at 7 o’clock am. Charles wore the same clothes he was wearing the night before, gray tank-top, and a pair of black shorts. Charles had black ruffled hair, a large nose, a thin face, and blue eyes the color of Neptune. Charles had a little knowledge of the universe himself that had been passed down from Andrew Lennings. Charles’ mother had died when Charles was only five.

‘DO NOT CROSS’ tape was surrounding the house like a spider web engulfing a fly. Charles went downstairs to go to his apartment in St.Paul. Charles put on his jacket and sneakers and left. As he drove his silver Mercedes, he saw gigantic black clouds swirling in a strange form. While Charles was distracted an SUV gave a deafening honk at him and he swerved to the right hitting the dividers, leaving a giant scratch on the side of his car. “Oh come on, I just had this repainted!” yelled Charles, “The nerve of some people!”

Once Charles opened the door to his apartment, No. 358, and a cloud of dust greeted him. Charles coughed and when the dust cleared up he found all his furniture toppled over, iBooks had been thrown off their shelves, and glass was scattered across the floor. Charles mouth hung open, his eyes were wide open, and he was shuffling his hands around in his hair. He ran over to his phone to call the police, but he found that it had been smashed. Charles walked around putting back iBooks and picking up sofas. As he was sweeping up the glass he found a green substance on multiple pieces of the glass. He got out his microscope and looked in on the green substance. He focused his microscope to the highest level, but he wasn’t able to see anything special.

That night he took the green substance to the University of Minnesota to see what it was. He took it to a scientist who worked there named, Dr.Ferald. Ferald was a middle aged man with a thin mouth, a bald spot on the top of his head, on the side of his head he had silver hair, his face was quite thin, and he had a square jaw that had a few moles on it. “When did you find this substance?” asked Ferald, “Just last night.” said Charles, “It was on a piece of glass that had fallen on the floor. I might sound crazy but I’m thinking it might be a type of blood.” Ferald leaned down to the lens of the microscope. Ferald stood up and looked quite grim. “I’m afraid to say that you are right Mr.Lennings.” said Ferald, “I just hope that your father’s beliefs aren’t true.” “Why do you say that?” asked Charles. Ferald gestured Charles to look through the microscope. Charles leaned down and peaked through the lens. Charles saw tiny blood cells swarming around in the green substance like fish in a pond. “What could it be?” asked Charles. Ferald just stared at Charles for a long while with a grave look. Then he finally said, “We’re not alone.”