Deep within the caverns of Thunder Hold were many fallen warriors and heroes who had been led into the greedy yet powerful clutches of the dreaded Vildrin. These wondrous men and women were only given the least of Thunder Hold’s hospitality. Their great magic was possessed within them so they couldn’t be capable of escaping the granite walls. They were given the dungeons as their new home with grimy slime dripping from the ceiling and decaying bones were scattered along the floor. The only light given was a single candle that was in the middle of the floor of the enormous cell that every prisoner has to share. Their only meal for the day was a stale stump of bread and a pitcher that was filled to the brim with sewage water.

As the miniature candle grew to be a worthless pile of wax, the eleven prisoners of Thunder Hold chose where in the room to begin their slumber. All the sorcerers in that gigantic cell had grown quite close together. Sapien was from the kingdom of Netherwind, who was a kindly fellow and a very powerful wizard, but because he had obtained a great age, he had begun to grow insane. Thaygo was from the outskirts of Darromane, but he had a dark background. His father abandoned him when he was nine at the Battle of Aovus Creek. His mother was forced into slavery and was eventually executed by the Grand Baron, Havis. Children were forced to go to war at this terrible battle under his rule where thousands were slain. Thaygo seeks revenge on Havis, and claims that his head will hang upon a sword, skewered through his forehead. The two curious twins of this prison were named Allos and Fallos, only children, were both from Astermound, as well as being exactly identical, they had the unique ability to combine their powers into one, making them a stronger force. Their father was a very strict man who forced both of them into the sorcerer army. A sorcerer prince who went by the name of Athrin, who was the son of Anrhys, was caught fighting against Vildrin himself. Vildrin decided he was too valuable to slaughter, so he threw him into Thunder Hold to be used as bait across the world. Athrin had a lover as well, who had been captured from Vildrin. Her name was Bellra and she was carrying a baby boy inside of her.

The six other prisoners were named Emberath from Messorfrost, Darios from Howlveil, Volltha from Netherwind, Norkra from Astermound, Flamecrest from Thornhelm, and Xeleoth was from Remnoth, or commonly known as “The Powerless City”, even though he was born with sorcerer blood. All of Vildrin’s prisoners suffered in his dark prison, that was once the gleaming, shimmering light of every hero and warrior that stood forth upon the dark soldiers of the powerful, malevolent Vildrin.

Vildrin, of course, could never control one single kingdom for he was a persevering warlock. He had already taken control of Barrowm, his slouching servant, who was the warden of all of Thunder Hold. Being a soldier of Remnoth, he was quite skilled in combat, especially with swords. He went along the cell, clanking his sword on the iron bars, making an irritating echo throughout the entire building. Barrowm wore steel armor with a tattered red cape trailing behind his ragged, woolen boots. His pale face and dark, sunken eyes struck fear into the hearts of Callos and Tallos. Barrown also had long, stringy, black hair that went halfway down his back.

Warlocks obeyed Barrowm’s orders who wore black cloaks with amethyst pendants. Their hoods cast a shadow over their faces, but long, gray hair was still visible. They carried curved blades under their cloaks just in case, but they usually used strong magic for their main weapon. What Barrowm and his warlocks didn’t know was that Athrin was a sacred Stone-Carrier.

Stone-Carriers are the sacred alliance of the five kingdoms. They carry the Gem of Deishma, an unbelievably powerful element of destruction. Deishma was the sorceress who created the entire world, including the kingdoms. When she passed into the World of the Dead, she consumed every drop of her soul into the form of a radiant gem. The gem was handed down to her son, Crosos. Crosos kept the gem hidden from all outsiders, including his sister, Cigytha. After discovering the hidden stone and its power, Cigytha laid havoc upon the entire world, killing Crosos as well. With the newly found gem, she created an heir for herself. Not naturally, but with the power of the gem. Cigytha was the creator of Vildrin. Vildrin was named her humble servant in defense. Cigytha named herself the Mistress of Dusk. Vildrin soon discovered what the secret was behind Cigytha’s strength and sought to have it.

Vildrin took the gem from Cigytha, and killed her with it. Vildrin enforced a great and terrible army of warlocks with his new power. He traveled far and wide to destroy every piece of hope there was. Anrhys and his resistance stole the sacred gem from Vildrin, and Anrhys had the most destructive weapon in the world. Anrhys was an official Stone-Carrier, but not for long. Ever since the reign of Vildrin, he could not risk the stone falling into the hands of the dark lord. So, Anrhys passed the stone down to Athrin, who in turn, will pass it down to his future son, Aried, the baby boy who was being carried by Bellra right at this very moment.