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The Rawlic History: The Ancient Trolls of the North

Rawl, a world of wonder and mystery, although it is a place of death and darkness. Blood has been rained down on the helmets of the warriors of this land, their eyes have seen the things of destruction and chaos. The history started with trolls. They are interesting and curious creatures of Rawl, but at the same time they were cruel and had a strong bloodlust, especially the first race of trolls, the Mar. They were a neutral race of trolls, but they were born specifically for killing. They’re teeth were razor sharp, they had very fast reflexes, their long, pointy ears gave them perfect hearing, and their eyesight was as sharp as a hawk’s. Then the Barrock tribe came along. They were stupid but strong trolls of Rawl. They are much taller than most trolls, but their complexion was something that would make a mirror crack. They had gaping mouths that showed their sharp, moldy teeth, and short, pointy ears that were full of mustard yellow earwax. Unlike the Mar, Barrocks were almost completely blind, relying on their noses to lead them to victory. The Mar first fought along with the Barrocks, but then they turned on the Mar, stealing a large portion of their land and a huge amount of food. The two races were sworn enemies from that point on. The Mar were forced to move to the Mountains of Drod where it was cold and harsh. As the Mar developed, they started to dig underground where it was slightly warmer than in the mountains. Some of the Mar had begun to become very civilized and were trying to make the hard work easier with small inventions. The Mar began to become even more developed and some of the trolls even split from their tribe and started the race of Grindol. This race was very civilized and began the art of mining. They dug deep holes in the mountains and found silver, gold, and blood red rubies. Conflicts began to erupt between the two races and the Mar were becoming jealous of their inventions and developments. In the middle of the night a small raid of...

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The Rawlic History: The Dwarfs of Drod Part I

Dwarfs were the second race to come about to the land of Rawl. They were the first race to have magic. Their race quickly spread throughout the Mountains of Drod where the trolls used to live. Dwarfs were sporty and short tempered things that expanded quickly. The first of the dwarf clans was called Silverbroad. They were hardy dwarfs that were skilled in swordsmanship and had a large appetite. Their leader was named Roratak. He was a brave dwarf who led his people well in these hard times of survival. Their mines connected every which way in the mountains like a maze. Their tunnels flowed with gold and precious stones, introducing them to greed. A small group of dwarfs split apart from the Silverbroad clan. These dwarfs were recognized as outcasts and magic users. Their leader was a dwarf named Hornfrost. He had a beard that was rumored to be shredded silver from the brightness of it. He also had a large nose, a small mouth, bright blue eyes, and a long blue purple robe that trailed behind him. Hornfrost used magic that made icicles float in midair and he could freeze objects and put out fires. However, his brother, Boargrunt, liked experimenting with dark, evil magic that made demons begin to dwell in the mountains, terrorizing the dwarfs of Silverbroad. He had a large nose, like his brother, his pitch black hair hung below his shoulders. His eyes were black, and his face was hollow. Hornfrost had to force his brother out of the mountains, sending him south where the land was green. No one had ever gone to the south before. Boargrunt traveled far and wide till he reached a border line of the mountains and the long and wide plains. He stepped onto the fresh, dewy grass. His feet were tickled and found out that he had this entire place to himself. He would call this open field Helsee. He used his magic to carve stones into square blocks and levitated them into place. Eventually he had an entire castle to himself. Hornfrost formed an extremely long wall of ice to keep dark spirits out of...

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The Rawlic History: The Dwarfs of Drod Part II

Boargrunt lay sprawled on the bottom of the mountain. His body was charred from the bolt of magic his brother, Hornfrost, had sent on him. His fists clenched in anger, feeling betrayed of his brother. “My revenge shall be so treacherous that even the great Roratak and my brother shall grovel at my feet.” said Boargrunt. “The great demon Varnash shall rule by my side when I summon him from the ashes of hell.” Boargrunt rose from the white snow and climbed the mountain in agonizing pain from his deep wounds. His black hair and beard swung in the bitter cold wind, getting in the way of his vision. He finally made it to the top of the towering mountain. He crawled to an open spot of snow and drew a strange circular shape with his finger. The earth beneath him rumbled, and a blinding green light erupted from the symbol. To truly open the portal of Varnash’s world, he must make a sacrifice of something dear to him. He reached into his thick robe and grabbed a golden locket with a sliver of Hornfrost’s magic, given to him when Hornfrost was born. A glistening tear drooped down his cheek and onto the locket. He grasped it firmly and threw it into the portal. The green light grew brighter and the ground beneath him began cracking. Boargrunt looked down into the portal. “Yes,” he said, “Rise Varnash, the demon lord!” Then a gigantic explosion burst from the portal, sending Boargrunt flying through the air and hit the ground with a hard thud. An enormous gaping hole had singed through his chest. Boargrunt knew he couldn’t live through this one. His eyes turned back into their sockets and his face turned expressionless. Boargrunt’s hand fell on the ground, stained with blood. The powerful wizard, was dead. Dark spirits crawled from out of the portal with flaming eyes and razor sharp, black teeth. Claws the size of knives and they had thin bodies, and were about the size of trolls. They all carried a weapon of some sort, like axes, maces, spears, and sabers. A humongous ball of fire was launched...

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The Rawlic History: The Rise of Humans and the Three Rulers

Humans were said to be very evolved dwarfs that were smarter and were corrupted by greed and hatred more than anything else on Rawl. The first human to feel the fresh earth of Rawl was a man named Mortith. Then three powerful rulers were sent down from the heavens to watch over Rawl and protect it. One of them was a man named Bormithion. He was the future ruler of the capital of Rawl, Haronas, and a future father of his son, Hiladril. Another was a woman named Thayen. She was the future queen of a powerful city called Brandeel and would be a mother of a daughter named Seelabor. Then, the last ruler was a man named Garatoar. Garatoar would be a king of a city called Delthon and a father of his son, Retheniel. Bormithion, Thayen, and Garatoar, were quite curious about the man named Mortith. He had a sunken face and black, grim eyes. He was a man who experimented with darkness, just like the dwarf warlock, Boargrunt. The first humans spread throughout Rawl. Bormithion went into the south and found a large open plain by two forests that spread as far as the eye could see. In that plain he built the city, Haronas. Its powerful walls couldn’t even be broken by the strongest of drockles. Bormithion decided to name the left forest, Immanivan and the right one Grandulthan. Then he spotted another forest that looked like a small black dot. He then found a peculiar creature roaming the plains and he decided to call it a horse. The brown creature walked over to the king and allowed him to ride on his back. Bormithion then discovered that this creature could run very fast. He aimed the horse towards the mysterious forest and rode towards on the back of his new friend. Meanwhile, in the west, Thayen began constructing her own kingdom, Brandeel. She saw a very large puddle of water going south from her mighty kingdom, and she was getting quite sweaty from all the manual labor. As she took a drink from it her tongue curled back and her face turned sour. Thayen...

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The Rawlic Animalicon

Drockle: Dangerous, cold blooded creatures that can crush an ox with one foot. Some drockles are born with the special gift of hypnosis. Its gigantic turtle shell is as strong as steel, even the strongest Barrock in all of Rawl couldn’t put the tiniest crack in it. It has three heads that each breath scorching, white fire and will literally eat any animal it can get its poisonous claws on. It is extremely dangerous and is as big as a house. STAY AWAY!! Luna hound: Curious, but vicious creatures that roam the night under the moon. They are about as big as a troll and are commonly found in the two forests of Immanivan and Grandulthan. They eat meat and are commonly known to get late night snacks of sheep and pigs from farmers, but a unique food that they eat which would be poisonous to any human, dwarf, or troll are star berries. To a luna hound’s taste buds, they taste like honey that is slightly sprinkled over a chocolate covered strawberry. To a human’s, dwarf’s, or troll’s taste buds, they would taste like Mortith’s…leavings. Pocolyx, shrown, skyper, chrowmp, dolorbron, krolk, krognindorf, bloutch, shrelm, prouncher, blokonotch, and shnelp: Small, disgusting pests that eat crops, destroy furniture, eat your food, and make you itchy. They can get into your beds and tear it away bit by bit. Some even just plain scare people so they can have the entire house to themselves....

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