Chapter 2: The Voyage

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The black grass began to simmer down and the Delthonians were able to relax.


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Where men and women are born, where there are creatures no ordinary human could see, where wizards cast spells and brew potions and draughts, where things that are unseen, are seen, is Rawl. Rawl, the almighty world of power, and bloodthirsty war. And with power, comes greed, and with war, comes death. The War of Flesh and Bone was when everyone thought all the wickedness from Rawl had vanished, but no, it never vanished. Mortith, the Lord of Shadows, was more commonly known as Death himself. Mortith had raised the Shadows, the creatures who were thought to have come  from the darkest part of Rawl. The only thing Shadows were afraid of was light. King Bormithion, the Hero of Heroes, was thought to have been the slayer of Mortith and his wretched army. King Bormithion is also the deceased grandfather of King Hiladril, who is ruler of the east. King Hiladril and King Bormithion got along famously, but King Hiladril has been deeply depressed after King Bormithion was assassinated, and after his wife, Queen Venul, died of disease. But King Hiladril’s spirits are always being lifted from his two sons, Prince Thrawl and Prince Giladril. In the west was a kingdom called Brandeel, ruled by Queen Seelabore. She mostly has nothing on her mind except defending her kingdom from Mortith’s dreaded reign. In the south is the city of Delthon. The city is populated by many, and is home to many of the strange creatures that roam Rawl. The ruler of Delthon is no other than the powerful but generous King Retheniel. His daughter, Princess Porphin, is just like her father, powerful but generous. In the north is the Plain of Snow and Ice. Sorcerers are rare in Rawl. But back before the War of Flesh and Bone there were vast populations of sorcerers, wizards, mages, and warlocks. Female casters are extremely rare and are known for their hypnotizing beauty. Sorcerer Hornfrost is the guardian of the Plain of Ice and Snow, and he is not the one to argue with. Sorcerer Hornfrost is impossible to beat when it comes to arguments, and sometimes chess. But Shadows, oh no, their home is a dark path to which lead them to a tunnel of wishing and misery. Many believe that Mortith’s reign is over, yet many believe Mortith has risen from his tomb of despair.

Chapter 1: The Council of the Wise and Noble

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It was about eight o’clock at night in the castle of Haronas, all the lords and ladies had joined at a feast in the Hall of Thrones where King Hiladril and his sons, Prince Thrawl and Prince Giladril, had completed all the arrangements required at the table. There was an appetizer of boar ribs, an entreé of grilled pork, side of grapes, tomatoes, and corn on a cob. Their dessert, vanilla cake, topped with raspberries. It all looked very appetizing, yes indeed it was, Thrawl’s and Giladril’s mouths were almost forming waterfalls in their mouths from the smell and look of the food. At the end of the table was Hiladril’s chair. It was made of the finest oak in the kingdom, and had the most magnificent carving on it of forests and mountains. The rest of the chairs were made of ash or fir. They were very pretty to a regular person, but in the sight of a royal, it would be in the class, “minor seating.” (more…)

Chapter 2: A Still and Quiet Night

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Lord Billium had eventually opened the barrel of ale and was drinking it right from the barrel, many of the women were disgusted. The council was getting into the vanilla cake, and everyone suspected that Lord Esurientil had gobbled down all the raspberries on top of the cake. All of the men had pints filled with beer and mead and were discussing how A Cup of Mead, the downtown tavern, was usually in very bad shape, but now it looks as good as new with people filing in. Hiladril went out on the front porch to get some fresh air from breathing the smell of wine and the fire from roasting a pig. It was a very still and quiet night with only the sound of crickets and frogs in the forest. Lord Cenrol decided to join him, “I’m sorry I embarrassed you earlier your majesty, it was very unlike me to upset a king.” said Cenrol, “Oh it’s quite all right really, I wasn’t really thinking about the Shadows but instead about the preparations for the battle.” said Hiladril. (more…)

Chapter 3: The Hall of Thrones

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Hiladril woke up with a terrible headache thinking about Giladril and Princess Porphin. But this was no time for romance, it was time to prepare for the battle. It was eight o’clock in the morning and the doves were hooting in a very proud mood. Hiladril had Belith heat some water and make a warm bath for him, then he put on a pair of  brown pants, a red shirt, boots, and a brown belt. He went downstairs for a well prepared breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast. “Have all the guests left?” asked Hiladril, “Indeed they have your majesty.” said Belith, “And I suggest you eat that up before it gets cold.” added Belith. Hiladril quickly ate up his breakfast, and went to get Thrawl and Giladril to plan the day out in the Hall of Thrones. (more…)

Chapter 4: An Encounter With A Guardian and More

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“Your horse is prepared your majesty,” said Belith, “will there be anything else, m’lord?” Hiladril wasn’t exactly listening, he was utterly hypnotized by the thought of his passed wife, and with no son in sight to comfort him. “Huh… oh yes Belith, uh, that will be all.” said Hiladril. Belith bowed as he left into the castle. “Knight Felindil, Knight Rendirum, Knight Maelin, Knight Carindeer, Knight Hendilin, onward to Animalam (one of the cities of the Tenibrismen) !” yelled Hiladril in a triumphant voice. The five knights cheered with victory in their hearts. And all six of them rode off on their white, brown, black, and beige through the gate of Haronas. (more…)

Chapter 5: Waking Up

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Hiladril woke up with a start. “Hey, you go back to sleep you lousy worm!” said a rough voice. Hiladril was on a bed that felt like rock, and he was nearly naked, and most of his items had been taken. “Oh this is beautiful this,” said another rough voice, “This sword is absolutely beautiful and it’s all mine.” “Hey!” said the rough voice that Hiladril had heard before, “I had my hands on that first!”

“Oh did you?” said the other rough voice

“Yes I did!”

“No! It’s mine now, you can keep that small bag of gold.”

“I don’t care for gold, I want that sword! Give it here!” (more…)

Chapter 6: The Battle of Delthon

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It was now ten o’clock pm, and two mornings and two nights have passed after the Council of the Wise and Noble had arrived in Haronas. “Come Fulguran, we’re nearly there.” said Hiladril, he named the horse he took from Tenabron, Fulguran. Fulguran wined, “I guess we could stop for a short break.” said Hiladril, “But right when our break is over, we get running, alright.” Fulguran wined again. They stopped in a grassland and Hiladril gave Fulguran some water from a nearby stream. Hiladril hadn’t had food for hours and hours, he was so terribly hungry, but his thought of the possibility that the Shadows and Tenibrismen had already begun to attack Haronas, it was just too much for him to focus on food. (more…)

Chapter 7: The Return

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Back in Haronas:

A few hours had passed since The Battle of Delthon and led into the next day. There were only a few hours left until the army of Shadows and Tenibrismen arrived. All the townspeople were panicking, and Thrawl and General Gallimore were trying to lead them to the castle while Giladril comforted everyone who was already in the castle. “Prince Thrawl!” called General Gallimore, “We must go faster if we hope to get everyone into the castle before the Shadows and Tenibrismen come!” Thrawl looked beyond the gate of Haronas. He saw a giant row of light toward the west…twas the Shadows and Tenibrismen’s torches, or just the Tenibrismen’s torches for Shadows hated light, so they had two separate groups of Shadows and Tenibrismen. The Shadows were as ugly as ever. They were rotting like a corpse should, except actually walking and talking. Their eyes were replaced with hollow holes in which you would be able to see the back of their skull. They were covered in cobwebs and muck with worms and spiders crawling in and out of their bodies. (more…)

Chapter 8: The Battle of the Sun, the Willow Tree, and the Blackbird

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Everyone’s eyes stared in amazement and dread. Mortith had risen from the dead! Mortith was wearing black armor that looked like it could impale even a man with dragon scale armor. His face was completely covered by his black and terrifying helm. “This is the War of Flesh and Bone all over again!” cried Queen Seelabor, “Prince Thrawl, what are your orders?” Thrawl wasastonished and mortified, but he made his decision, “Men, stand your ground, for if we die, we’ll die with dignity!” yelled Thrawl. The Tenibrismen and the Shadows began their devious chant again. Thrawl and Giladril were both terribly frightened that Mortith had risen, but what would they do if they surrendered? Just lay around and be ruled by Mortith for eternity, no, instead they would fight for the people of Haronas and the world of Rawl. They would be honored throughout the rest of their days for their bravery, for they stood strong in battle and fought the forces of Mortith, for if they didn’t, they would not forgive themselves for being such cowards at the brink of the end of Haronas and perhaps Rawl. (more…)

Chapter 9: A Narrow Escape

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It was now six o’clock in the morning and rays of sunshine were starting to gush from the horizon. Hiladril and the Delthonian men saved the four knights from Sunguarin, and had barely escaped with their lives. Many of the Shadows were chasing after them on Emissardium. Emissardium are horses but they have dark hearts, evil spirits, flaming eyes, and fur and mane as black as coal. “Come,” yelled Hiladril on Fulguran, “we must hurry if we want to get to Haronas in time and avoid the people of Delthon being ripped to shreds from those Emissardium riders! Come fair folk of Delthon, hurry, come on, we don’t have that much time!” Everyone started sprinting for their lives. The four knights, Knight Rendirum, Knight Maelin, Knight Carindeer, Knight Hendilin, and King Retheniel rode by Hiladril’s side, “My lord,” called Knight Carindeer on his brown horse, “Shoot the Emissardee with your bow!” (more…)

Chapter 10: The Vision

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The sun was now completely above the Hills of Helsee, the Shadows would have to return to their dreaded city to rot in their filth until the sun sets, eventually bringing another day. Even though they were safe in the village of Pericliram, the people of both Haronas and Delthon feared the fate of the great city beyond the mountains that lay before them. Without anybody noticing, an old hag with brown rags as her only clothes dragged Hiladril away. He tried pushing away from the woman, but he felt a feeling of an unusual feeling course through his veins. She dragged him into an old hut that smelled of dead animals and rotting flesh. The hag finally let go of Hiladril and sat him down on a dirty stool. “Who are you, why did you bring me here?!” yelled Hiladril. The hag put her thumb and index finger together and slid he moldy hand sideways. Hiladril all of the sudden couldn’t talk and the hag sat there on her own stool with face completely expressionless. Hiladril began to hear and see things in his mind. “My name is Vidensia.” said the hag in a scraggly voice, “I may show you things that may please you and bring you joy or I may show you things that will infest your heart, bringing you forth a life of desire and anguish. May the gods of foreshadowing bestow upon you the light of happiness.” (more…)